How to change Video Privacy settings in TikTok


TikTok video creators can choose who can view their videos by changing the video privacy settings. Users can show their videos to everyone in the app, their friends, or just themselves. Video privacy settings are available for both private and public TikTok accounts. However, private accounts cannot select the “All” option because their content is only visible to their approved subscribers.

Instagram Facebook videos, YouTube Shorts and other vertical video platforms TikTok has released a lot of features, filters and effects over the past few weeks to stay ahead of the competition in terms of Facebook/Instagram videos, YouTube Shorts and other vertical video platforms. TikTok has previously released its own avatars, as well as new filters and effects, such as the TikTok dynamic photo filter and the TikTok Sad filter. As a rule, short vertical TikTok-style videos are gaining popularity now because they are easier to create and watch.

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Users can choose the privacy settings of their TikTok video during its publication or even after that. In the first case, users can create and edit their videos as much as they want, and when they go to the publishing stage, several options will appear, including “Who can watch it”. At this stage, users can choose who to post their TikTok videos to. They just need to click on the option and a pop-up window will appear with “Everyone”, “Friends” and “Just Me”. Just click on the circle to select an option.

How to Manage TikTok Video Privacy Settings

When a user decides to post a video to Friends, it will be visible only to the subscribers to whom he is subscribed. This set of settings is available for public and private accounts. For private accounts, users can post the video to their friends on TikTok or post it as a private video so that no one can see it. As a rule, users can change the video privacy settings at any time. Users can switch between public and private accounts on Android and iOS by tapping their “Profile” in the lower right corner, then a three-line icon in the upper right corner to find the “Settings and Privacy” options. Finally, users should click the Privacy button to see the account availability settings. Here users can enable or disable the privacy of their account. They can also choose who their account will be offered to. These include contacts, Facebook friends, “people who have a mutual connection” and “people who open or send you links”.

After the video is published, users can change its privacy settings by clicking on their profile in the lower right corner, opening the video and tapping the three-dot icon. Now users have to navigate through the visible settings until they find the “Privacy Settings” option and they have to tap it. A new window will open with several TikTok privacy options, such as “Allow Stitch,” “Allow Duet,” “Allow Comments,” and “Who can watch this video.” Users have to choose the latter option to choose whether to make the video visible to everyone, friends or no one. It is worth noting that changing the video privacy settings does not reset the view counter. In addition, each video must comply with the principles of the TikTok community, even if it is private.