How To Change The Name Of Your PC In Windows 10


Windows 10: There are tricks in Windows 10 that you could ignore for a lifetime without knowing how important they are. Some are so simple that they go unnoticed for that reason, but they can make a difference in certain situations. And we do not talk to you in cases such as not knowing the most universal shortcuts on your computer, if not about functions that seem to be hidden. Today we are talking about one of them that is none other than changing the name of your PC in Windows 10.

Yes, your computer has a name

It may seem like a lie, but your computer has a name. Actually we could give as such the typical brand and model of each device, but sometimes it is much more than that. It turns out that there is a way to change the name of your computer in order to find it more easily in a network environment.

It may not occur to you to use it at home at first, but if at any time you want to transfer data from one terminal to another through the WiFi of your home, you will probably need to know this Windows 10 trick. Option on several devices to further personalize them or prevent them from recognizing your device the first time as it can be a security measure.

How to change the name of your PC

Now that you know that you can change the name of your computer, it is time to explain how to do it. It is a procedure that has several routes, you just have to choose the one that is most comfortable for you and apply it. In addition, you will not have any problem when it comes to touching an important part of your machine. Of course, if you are in a work group sharing information on the network with other people, you better notify it.

Route 1

Open Windows Explorer

Find This Equipment

At the top, click System Properties

In the new window, click on the button to change the name of this team

Put the name that you like the most and accept



Route 2

Open the Settings

Select System

Go to the last point in the column, called About

Select the button to change the name of this team

Put the name that you like the most and accept



Now, when a computer connects to the same network as you, it will see the new name and can share data as long as you authorize it.


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