How to change the Microsoft Edge home screen


Microsoft Edge: Internet browsers have many ways to personalize the user experience at different levels. Extensions are a very clear example, but there are more things that help you feel more comfortable using your favorite browser. Today it is the turn of Microsoft Edge users with a trick to change the background of the home screen.

How to change the Microsoft Edge home screen

Microsoft is working to get back on track when it comes to developing its browser. The company has made available to everyone an application with which you can recover the space lost after the closure of Internet Explorer, but not everything comes down to functionality. A dose of personality is also required, one that each user gives to consider the application as their own.

For this there are many ways to achieve it and one of them is to know how to change the background of the home screen in Microsoft Edge. If you log in to the browser, you will have as a background the one suggested by the application itself. It is usually a quiet background that features a forest, city or an impressive aerial shot. But as we tell you, this can change if you need it.

The procedure is as simple as resorting to the gear that is placed on the right side of the image. Afterwards, you just have to click on the Page Layout part under Custom. From here the background option will appear, where you will have to choose the “Your own image” section to upload the content that you prefer. Your own criteria come into play here, so you will be the only one who can choose that special photograph.

On the other hand, don’t rule out using the rest of the browser’s cosmetic features either. They may be random, but it is possible that if you don’t have a photo to put on your home screen, Microsoft will suggest one that you can delight in. We also advise you to give an opportunity to the extensions that put at your disposal different characteristics to keep you up to date with everything that happens of your interest or that, it could be, help you to be more productive in your day-to-day life.


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