How to change the icon of the Instagram application


Instagram is celebrating today, since it is not every day that a social network turns 10 years old and also remains at the top. The platform, which began in 2010 as a photo retouching application and is now used by more than 1 billion active users per month to share their photos, videos and ‘stories’ with a global community, celebrates it with a series of new functions and improvements to reduce online harassment and bullying.

10 years of Instagram

First available on the Apple App Store, Android and Windows users had to wait until 2012 and 2016 respectively to be able to use Instagram on their systems. In April 2012, Facebook decided to buy Instagram for $ 1 billion. And from then until now, Instagram has grown and implemented many more functions than the initial one: uploading videos, directing, buying products and services, sharing content that is deleted by the hour.

Even a new chat service derived from its controversial merger with Facebook Messenger and even the ‘Reels’ option to make short videos in the purest TikTok style. And even the ‘condemned’ publicly by many Comic Sans fonts to be used as text in Stories.

Change the Instagram app icon

For this reason, and to celebrate this decade, Facebook has implemented on Instagram an ‘Easter egg’ in the style of the ‘Easter eggs’ that Google likes to introduce in its services: the option of being able to change the logo of the app in the mobile, and to be able to put the classic Polaroid icon that the network wore in its beginnings. How is it done ?:

  1. Make sure you have updated Instagram to the latest version
  2. Open the app and touch your profile icon at the bottom right of the interface to open it
  3. In the next interface, look for the Settings icon in the upper right corner – the three horizontal stripes
  4. Now look for the Settings gear icon and enter
  5. Once you are inside, slide your finger down the screen until you see 4 icons and confetti appears everywhere. You will have discovered a secret menu in which you can customize the Instagram icon choosing from 13 options, which include the 4 originals of the app with the classic Polaroid camera.
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