How To Change The Font In WhatsApp And Choose Between 120 Different Fonts


WhatsApp: In Word, Pages and other word processors we are used to changing the format of the text with a single button. In this way we can place a quote in italics, underline headings or highlight a particular name in bold. And you can do the same in WhatsApp, since a few years ago the messaging app has allowed a change in text format among its functions.

Change the format and font of your messages on WhatsApp

But it is only a change of format, not of font, and sometimes we would like to be able to do the same as in Word and change the font, use a different font that better suits our taste – did someone say Comic Sans? Well, for the one, the change of format, you only need to discover how it is done, since it is a native function of WhatsApp. For the other, change the font, you need to install an external application. And we are going to tell you how to do both, starting with the change of format:

Change the text font

In Google Play Store there are not a few apps that allow you to do this, but one of the most recommended is Stylish Text, which adds up to 120 types of fonts, 20 numerical and +100 different artistic styles so that you can personalize all the texts you send via WhatsApp . The app offers you three ways to use it:

Bubble and Floating Bar Methods
Open Stylish App and choose which font or fonts you want to use as favorites
The app will allow you to choose if you want to use the app through the bubble or the floating bar. Both require that you give them Accessibility permission on your mobile.
In doing so, when you enter a WhatsApp chat, you will see a floating bubble or bar on the screen belonging to Stylish Text.
Write the WhatsApp message as you always do and, before hitting send, click on the bubble or the bar.
If you use the bubble, you will display a list of sources that you have chosen, choose the one you want and send the message.
If you use the bar, you can put several shortcuts and change on the fly, without opening lists. You also have an option to undo the customization.


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