How to change the color of the Windows 10 start menu


You may think that the different devices that you use in your day to day only serve for tasks such as work or entertainment.

Then you do not have to think about anything beyond using them to your liking, when and how you want. But if we go to Windows 10 you will find a customization layer that changes the color of the operating system menu menu. We tell you how to get it and give your machine a personal touch.

This is how you can change the color of Windows 10

Windows 10 has different layers of customization that each user can change to their liking. It is true that there are applications that give an extra to this feature of the Microsoft operating system, but it is true that the tools it has are enough so that the system is not overloaded. And that’s why, if you are a fan of changing the aesthetic parameters of your device, we will tell you how to change the color of the Windows 10 start menu.

What you have to know is that this change affects the entire browser. That is, the color you choose is transferred to the rest of the system template, so you must have the style of the display mode and choose a color according to it. As you know, Windows already has two types of themes: dark and light, which combine better or worse with the color tone you choose.

To find out which mode you are wearing, you just have to follow the path of Settings> Personalization> Colors. Here you will find a tab that says “Choose a color” and you will have the option of putting it in the two positions that we told you before or setting it to automatic. But the option to change the color of the Windows 10 start menu is a little further down, where you will find a wide palette of colors that the system has predefined. Of course you can choose the one you like, but in the preview screen that you have above you can see the final result.

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You need to know that not only will the theme change, but also the color of the menu letters. For this reason we tell you that it is important to put dark colors in the light theme and vice versa in the night mode. In this way, you will ensure optimal customization between your taste for color and the efficiency of the Windows menu. Finally, you just have to select the option at the end of this section that says’ Show accent color on the following surfaces and select the two options you have available.


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