How to change mouse cursor in Windows 10


The customization capacity of Windows 10 is very extensive. It may even have functions that can be modified without your knowledge, or perhaps you have not noticed that they have changed places. And among them we have to talk about the change of the mouse cursor in Windows 10. Whether you did not know how to do it or you have lost this view function, we will teach you how to use it.

How to change the mouse cursor

You may not have paid more attention to it than a pointer deserves. That is, you have it in front of you and you interact with it as if it were a tool from which you only need to press a couple of buttons to do its task. But the reality is the same as that of the Windows 10 desktop, and that is that you can change its appearance so that your experience is better as a user.

That is why we tell you a little secret that you may not know and that is that you can change the mouse cursor of Windows 10. The process is very simple and we are going to tell you about it in the new way, that is, without going through the panel of old control. Of course, the procedure will remind you a lot and you will check it right now

Step 1
Go to Settings> Devices> Mouse

Step 2
On the right side, select additional Mouse options

Step 3
Choose the pointers tab


Here we are going to stop as there are many and very varied. If it is the first time that you enter you will notice all the animations that it has and that you can change in the Windows 10 pointer. Not only does the normal selection exist, also the work in the background, busy or select location to name a few from them. Best of all, at the top there are different themes that Windows 10 has to choose from.


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