How to change default application to read PDF


PDF files opening in the bank’s app are a common problem on Android phones. Internet Banking applications can end up being configured, unintentionally by the user, as the standard file reading software because they usually access documents to detect the payment slip barcode. You can solve the problem with a few simple actions and switch back to using the system’s native PDF reader or another app of your choice to open documents.

In the following tutorial, check out how to change the default application and solve the problem of PDF files opening in the bank’s app. The procedure was performed on a Moto G7 Play with Android 10, but the tips also apply to other phones with the Google system.

How to change application to open PDF on mobile

Step 1. When the PDF opens directly in the bank’s app, locate the application that is opening the PDF files and keep the icon pressed. Then tap on “App info” or on the indicated icon. Now, expand the options under “Advanced”;

Step 2. Go to “Open by default” and, finally, tap on “Clear defaults”;

Step 3. This way, the bank application will no longer open PDF files by default. The next time you come across a PDF document, just select the “Drive PDF Viewer” option, which is native to Android, or another app of your choice and press “Always”.

Ready! Take advantage of the tips and solve the PDF problem by opening in the bank’s app.


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