How to Catch Shadow Latios in Pokémon Go

Shadow Latios is the focus of a special research assignment in Pokémon Go, where players will be able to rescue and catch Dragon/psychic type Pokemon. The research tasks are one of several events planned by Pokémon Go for players in July, in addition to the spotlight hours, the 6th anniversary event, including the fighting weekend, and much more.
Shadow Pokemon are Pokemon that the nefarious Team GO Rocket uses to fight players. They are different from regular Pokemon because they are stronger in battle, and they require less stardust and candy to strengthen them than normal or purified Pokemon. Players can leave these Pokemon in their shadow form or clear them. Clearing Pokemon helps players get a Cleaner medal in Pokémon Go.
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Shadow Latios is part of the Pokémon Go storyline with Giovanni from Team GO Rocket, classically the boss of the entire organization. To earn Shadow Latios, players need to complete the Field Notes: Team GO Rocket exploration. If players complete all the tasks before September 1, 2022, they will have the opportunity to fight with Giovanni, fight with him and his strong Pokemon and possibly catch Shadow Latios.
How to Catch Shadow Latios in Pokémon Go
The first step is to complete the Team GO Rocket research. Team GO Rocket’s Pokémon Go research consists of six stages:
Step 1: Win the raid, defeat 3 members of Team GO Rocket and catch Shadow Pokémon. Step 2: Catch 5 Shadow Pokémon, make 3 good curve throws, defeat 5 Team GO Rocket Grunts. Step 3: Clear 5 Shadow Pokémon, defeat 5 Team GO Rocket Grunts, earn 3 candies by following your buddy. Step 4: Defeat Team GO Rocket leader Arlo, defeat Team GO Rocket leader Cliff, defeat Team GO Rocket Sierra leader. Step 5: Find, fight and defeat the boss of Team GO Rocket, Giovanni. Shadow Latios can be caught at this stage of the investigation. Step 6: Get XP rewards.
Although Shadow Latios is not listed as a reward for completing these field research tasks, players will face Shadow Latios if they defeat Giovanni in Pokémon Go. The battle with Giovanni will be difficult; he uses Persian and shadow latios, and then needocking, machamp or rayperior. Shadow Latios is vulnerable to Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost and Ict attacks, so players who want to defeat Shadow Latios in battle should choose one of these types of Pokemon.
After defeating Giovanni, players are awarded white Premier Ball balls depending on how well they performed in the fight. Players can earn up to seven Premier Balls, but will lose one ball for each Pokemon that fainted during the fight. Shadow Pokemon are harder to catch than regular Pokemon because they move a lot and attack the plate; use Pokémon Go Nanab Berry to calm down Shadow Latios and then try to get a good, great or great throw. If players don’t catch Shadow Latios with Premier Balls or run out of Balls, they won’t be able to catch Shadow Latios from Team GO Rocket leader Giovanni.