How to catch a marlin in Dinkum


Marlin is a rare fish in an indie series similar to Animal Crossing, Dinkum, who is called a “big fish” with a “big nose” in the game. By catching and selling this fish, players will receive a profit of 20,200 dinks, a huge amount of money. This selling price is inferior to the price of yellowfin tuna, the most profitable fish in the game. Accordingly, knowing how to find and catch a marlin will greatly help players in their financial development for their farming life in the outback.

However, before players can try to catch a marlin in a Dinkum, they must fulfill three conditions. First, they will need a fishing license that allows the owner to buy fishing rods and fish. This particular license costs 250 Permit Points or PP, the currency earned for completing the stages. Milestones consist of simple tasks such as buying tools, breaking rocks, or burying fruit. After receiving the required amount of PP, visit Fletch in the base tent to unlock the fishing license.

Then the dinkum players will need to get a fishing rod from John, a local seller who sells various tools. The fishing rod costs 1260 dinks, which may seem like a high price for beginners, but it’s worth the investment, considering how much fish such as marlin are sold for. Players can easily earn Dinks by selling John items such as rocks, butterflies, or shells.

Marlin Fishing in Dinkum

The third step for catching marlin in Dinkum is the purchase of a boat. This step is optional, but may help fans get closer to where the Marlin is in deeper waters. The most primitive boat that farmers can make is a rowing boat. The recipe for a rowing boat opens after purchasing a vehicle license from Fletch for 1200 PP. Next, here are the materials needed to make the recipe:

Eucalyptus board × 10 — obtained from gum trees found near the Bushland starting area. placement of ore from mining in a crude furnace. Nails × 4 — are obtained by processing with the help of tin ingots.

After obtaining a fishing license, a fishing rod and a rowing boat, players must be ready to catch a marlin in a Dinkum. The habitat of the marlin is the Southern Oceans, where it can be found during the day. Keep in mind that it only appears in autumn and winter. When fishing for marlin, be patient and catch fish only when it is not struggling with the fishing line.


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