How to calculate TikTok money?


TikTok offers a monetization service with live broadcasts. So how is TikTok money calculation done? Here are the methods…


TikTok is a social media platform that has been used mostly by the young generation in recent years, and where videos are shot for entertainment purposes. The TikTok application, which was discussed and made a wave on social media in the early days along with the videos, has recently started to be used as a very popular application. You can see your earnings along with the TikTok money calculation process.

As time passed, serious changes were observed in video quality and genre when looking at the first time. In particular, the situation of making money through the application has started to attract the attention of users. So how to calculate Tiktok money?

How to earn money on TikTok?

Users can organize live broadcasts through the TikTok application. These live streams are the most effective way to earn money. However, the biggest mistake that many users make is that the income from live broadcasts is paid by TikTok. Payments are made entirely by users participating in the live broadcast.

The probability of earning money increases in live broadcasts that attract attention and are heavily attended by other users. Users participating in the live broadcast can send gifts in the live broadcast if they wish. This application, which appeared under the name of donation and gift, is not a direct money sending process. The received token is converted into money in the user’s account. Many users wonder how the calculation is done.

How to calculate TikTok money?

Publishers who open live broadcasts through the application and receive gifts from other users are curious about their earnings. Gifts must be converted into cash. However, there is no clear way to do this.

Calculation can be done in an estimated way by users. However, address can be used for those who want to make a clear calculation and use a website for this.

At the bottom of the page, under the ‘TikTok money calculation‘ category, you need to click on the ‘calculate earnings’ button to find out your earnings. After a short analysis, the estimated earnings per video stream are announced. Calculated together with the number of videos can result in average total earnings.


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