How to buy without boring your credit card on Black Friday


The 2020 edition of Black Friday, one of the largest global e-commerce events, will take place on November 27 and should bring unmissable offers. After that date and the offers that will come up over the weekend, Cyber ​​Monday will help keep online shopping warm.

Are you ready for this promotion period, especially if you plan to use your credit card?

There are still a few days left, but the recommendation is to get ready for the shopping period. In addition to doing the basics, such as separating a list of what you want to purchase and having to register in advance in some stores, there are other good practices that can help you not to overuse the use of your credit card.

Compare prices and plan your purchases

The fundamental tip of any purchase is very valid for Black Friday. The point is that most consumers end up not comparing prices because they believe that the offers found are necessarily the lowest. Just because a product is 50% off does not mean it is the cheapest; it may be that a higher percentage is being offered by another store, which demonstrates that researching and comparing prices is essential also on Black Friday.

In addition, we recommend planning your credit card purchases. Make sure that the account limit is not reached and that you will be able to pay for everything you want to purchase.

Avoid splitting (or splitting in many times)

Although installment payments are an option to purchase certain products, it may not be a good idea to split accounts at times like Black Friday. During this period, which also considers Christmas and the end of the year festivities, accounts tend to increase, which means that a large part of the budget is committed.

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The ideal is to buy the products in cash or installments in a few times, so as not to end up discovering that there will be a lack of money to pay the invoice. And it is in this sense that we give the last tip.


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