How to buy online through WhatsApp: New button


It can be purchased online through Facebook; it can be purchased online through Instagram. And now you can also buy online through WhatsApp. Yes, the messaging app adds a new task to its ‘multitasking’ service, and it does so because it is a logical and necessary evolution in services such as WhatsApp Business, the version of WhatsApp for businesses such as stores, individuals or companies.

And it is that the messaging application has more than 175 million people who every day send messages to a company through WhatsApp Business, and more than 40 million people who see at least 1 business catalog per month. Figures that have led Facebook to integrate a new button in WhatsApp.

Buy through WhatsApp
According to the company, the global context of the pandemic has made it “clear that companies must have fast and efficient ways to serve their customers and make sales. During these times, WhatsApp has become a simple and convenient resource ”. And “based on our research,” users prefer to contact businesses by message for help and are more likely to make a purchase when they can.

The WhatsApp Business application and the WhatsApp Business API were born “to help companies of all sizes manage their chats”, and in order to help “many small companies, which have been the most affected today”, WhatsApp has integrated a new button in its interface in WhatsApp Business: a button to buy.

The purchase button on WhatsApp

The buy button is a new function that seeks to make it easier for users to discover the catalog of products and services of a company through their profile in WhatsApp Business, thus eliminating the extra step necessary before clicking on the company profile to see this information.

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Now, the companies’ product catalog shows the icon of a store, so that users know that the business has a catalog of products for sale, and to be able to see them directly from WhatsApp. You can even start a conversation with the company about an article they have seen.

Now available

The new purchase button is now available in Spain, and if you use WhatsApp Business you will see it at the top, next to the name of the contact / company and replacing the voice call icon, which happens to be located in the call icon – choosing the voice only option. Although now it depends on companies to integrate it into their catalogs


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