How To Buy Cheap Airline Tickets On Black Friday?


Airline: Cheap airline tickets are also part of the items that are usually in great demand during Black Friday, one of the most anticipated dates of the year by consumers. With the discounts, it is possible to make that long-awaited trip, whether in Brazil or abroad.

If you still don’t know when Black Friday 2021 starts, mark your calendar: November 26th. To this day, the promise of commerce is of many offers, in the most varied segments, bringing great opportunities to acquire products and services at cheaper prices.

Want to know how to take advantage of Black Friday to buy cheaper tickets? TecMundo has prepared some tips to help with this task, check it out.

Plan ahead

Thinking about cities in the Northeast to travel? Do you prefer the southern region of the country, the beaches of Rio de Janeiro or any destination abroad? No matter where you’re thinking of going, it’s essential to plan ahead to take advantage of the best ticket deals.

As prices for the same route may vary depending on purchase and travel dates, please have these details defined before starting your search. It’s also good to be flexible, listing alternative places and dates if the desired options don’t have discounts.

It is worth noting that some destinations, especially abroad, may still have restrictions on receiving foreign travelers. Therefore, be sure to research the opening of borders in the country you plan to visit and whether there are any requirements from the local health agencies.

It is also important to update your vaccination card and carry it in your luggage, whether in print or digital. In addition to the fact that some countries require proof, entry into establishments and events may be subject to presentation of the document.