How to buy Bitcoins?

BERLIN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 15: In this photo illustration model Bitcoins standing in front of Dollar bills on February 15, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)

The best known cryptocurrency has proved itself and attracts new investors, many of whom are novices in cryptocurrency.

Still a recent phenomenon, the purchase of Bitcoin is still in its infancy; but because of the amounts that can be committed (the price of Bitcoin stagnates around $ 9000), buyers are calling for secure exchange platforms. If the institutionalization of the purchase of cryptocurrencies is inconsistent with the very essence of these currencies, it seems necessary in order to give buyers sufficient security to make important transactions.

Large sites to buy cryptocurrencies have been online for a relatively short time; few users know them and use them regularly enough to assert having experienced their reliability. In short, cryptocurrency trading platforms are not well known to the general public, novice investors. And yet, nowadays, buying cryptocurrencies has never been easier. All you need is a recognized and secure platform to get started! It is with this in mind that Bitvavo was created to buy bitcoins: an intuitive platform, perfectly secure, designed solely for the exchange of cryptocurrency for the greatest number.

Bitvavo in a nutshell

Bitvavo is a start-up created in Amsterdam by cryptomaniac enthusiasts in order to make the purchase of Bitcoins, Etheraum, and others accessible to as many people as possible. A leading player on the cryptocurrency market in the Netherlands, the young company has taken to the big boys and is now recognized internationally. Recommended by the site himself, Bitvavo wants to be a player in the future of cryptocurrency.

Bitvavo, an intuitive platform

On Bitvavo, it is easy to engage in the purchase of cryptocurrencies. Simply register for free on the platform, transfer an amount for the purchase of cryptocurrency and that’s it, the user is able to buy Bitcoin or other virtual currencies. Thanks to a direct and detailed monitoring of the price of cryptocurrencies, the user keeps himself informed of the value of the currencies and can invest at the opportune moment. Since Bitvavo is a Dutch start-up that was designed to make the purchase of Bitcoin accessible to everyone, the interface is user-friendly and easy to use, regardless of the medium used. The operation of Bitvavo is intended to be explicit and transparent, the user has no hidden costs and knows constantly where his money is.

Bitvavo, a secure platform

In order to give investors a secure framework for their exchanges, Bitvavo commits itself in several ways. First, users do not need to have their own digital wallet since the platform is responsible for storing Bitcoins for them. By providing an online portfolio for all users, Bitvavo takes care of the security of each portfolio: these portfolios are stored in a physically secure place and are not connected to the Internet; therefore they can not be hacked.

Although the activity of Bitvavo is not subject to any legislation for the moment, it will soon be changed in the future. Always for the sake of transparency and anticipation, Bitvavo has already implemented certain measures such as user identification, user verification and a transaction verification process. In addition, the platform is part of the Verenigde Bitcoin Bedrijven Nederland, a committee whose members must follow an ethical code of conduct in the cryptocurrency community.

Finally, Bitvavo encourages its users to secure their own account by implementing the following measures: a complex password, a double-authentication, a highly secure email address and an anti-phishing code. Bitvavo offers to help its users on these last points. Thus, by coupling the inherent security of the platform with the measures that the user can take, Bitvavo offers a new, reliable and extremely secure service.

Democratize the purchase of Bitcoin

Aware of the gap between cryptocurrency and novice investors, Bitvavo offers a new platform to allow everyone to start buying cryptocurrencies. For this, this platform is based on transparency and security. The goal: to prove to users that the purchase of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is accessible to all, thanks to a reliable, intuitive and trustworthy platform like Bitvavo.


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