How To Build An Experience Farm In Minecraft


How to build an experience farm in Minecraft. To start building an experience farm we will need the following materials:

4 chests
4 Rock slabs
25 x 64 rock block stacks
2 buckets with water
64 hatches
64 Torches
4 Funnels

Once we have everything in our power, we begin to take the following steps to create a higher level experience farm:

1. We make a 2×2 hole in the ground and place four chests there to make them double.
2. On top of them we place the 4 funnels and on top 4 stone slabs to cover them.
3. We create a square “circle” of stone blocks in the upper aerial part of the structure that we have placed.
Experience farm build tutorial Minecraft level up fast
4. We expanded the tower up to 21 levels of stone blocks so that it rises considerably in the air.
5. Once at the top, we add eight blocks on each of the four sides to create a walkway.
6. We surround these walkways with rock walls.
7. We complete the structure on its upper level by placing a wide floor and ceiling that covers everything.

8. We add a few torches to illuminate the room.
9. We cover the “cracks” in the shape of a + with hatches and open them.
10. We fill one of the ends of the rock walkways with water, placing before it a couple of rock blocks to be able to recover the water and fill the buckets.

11. We put water at all ends, but it is important that a column does not descend to the bottom, through the stone tower, since in this case the lower part will be flooded. What we want is for there to be a fine “water walkway” leading to the center.
12. We remove the torches and place them in the lower part of the structure, so that random monsters do not appear there and they only do it in our traps.
13. And we already have it! If we descend to the bottom and hit the feet of the monsters that are falling, we can get a good amount of experience easily.


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