How to build a furnace and a blast furnace and what are they for in Minecraft


Minecraft: We tell you the recipe to build a furnace and a blast furnace in Minecraft, in addition to the utilities that each of them has in the game. Whether we started playing Minecraft years ago, with its launch, or if we have recently incorporated the new version 1.17, it never hurts to review certain basic notions of construction and knowledge of its exciting cubic world. In this case we focus on the furnace, one of the first blocks that we learn to build, in addition to highlighting the improvements that the blast furnace brings us (available since version 1.14 of the Java Edition), whose creation is somewhat more complex. If what you are looking for is a more advanced tutorial, as part of our complete guide you have entries like the one that teaches you how to build a useful experience farm.

How to build an oven and what it is for

Recipe and how to build: we will need eight rocks to be able to place them around the construction table, leaving a hole in the middle. It has no loss. We can also find them already created in places such as villages and inside homes.
Utility: melt metals that we collect with the pick to turn them into useful ingots and cook ingredients. We will need to place a material such as carbon in the lower part and what we want to process in the upper box.


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