How to Boost PUBG FPS? Useful Methods


It is extremely important to play PUBG, CS: GO and similar competitive war games fluently. In order to play these games well, the FPS value must be high. In this article, we will talk about a few basic tactics you can use to increase PUBG FPS.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or better known as PUBG, is a highly detailed competitive war game. In order to perform well in such games, it is necessary to get good FPS values ​​and play the game fluently. If your FPS value is low in games like PUBG, the game will run slower and put you in a more disadvantaged position.

In this article, we have put together a few basic PUBG FPS boosting tactics for you. After performing these steps, you will be able to get a smoother gaming experience while playing the game, and thus, you will be able to perform better in the game.

PUBG FPS boosting tactics:

Correct the initial settings,
Overclock your video card,
Delete unnecessary files from your computer,
Fix power options,
Update your graphics card

Correct the startup settings

Step # 1: Right click on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds program on Steam and click Properties.
Step # 2: Click on Change Launch Options located at the bottom of the window that opens.
Step # 3: Instead of filling in the text in the box that appears, write the codes we will give at the end of the paragraph.
Step # 4: Click OK and finish the process.

Steam has the option to set launch options so that you can activate some settings before starting the application while running the games in it. The codes written in this section are activated as soon as the game is started and the settings in the game are changed accordingly. To activate this feature, it will be enough to complete the steps we have given.

Important Note: Generally, it is not possible to face an error after writing these codes. Still, if you encounter any errors while opening the game, all you have to do is repeat the same process and delete these codes. After that, you can play the game as before.

Codes: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -nomansky -mat_antialias 0 -malloc = system + mat_antialias 0 window -sm4

Overclock your graphics card

As most people know, overclocking can increase the performance of the computer quite well. This process can be done on both the processor and the graphics card. There are programs such as MSI Afterburner so that you can easily overclock your graphics card, and thanks to these software, the features of the graphics card can be increased within certain limits.

When overclocking, you need to be very careful because doing this means going above the default performance values ​​of the graphics card. Therefore, if you overdo it while trying to increase performance, you can render your video card unusable. Since the new generation graphics cards do not allow such overruns, they do not cause much problems, but it is still useful to be careful.

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Delete unnecessary files from your computer

Step # 1: Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously and open the Run window.
Step # 2: Type prefetch in the box that opens and click Enter.
Step # 3: Delete all files in the opened folder.
Step # 4: Open the Run window once more and type% temp% and press Enter
Step # 5: Delete all files in the opened folder.

Over time, our computers fill up with unnecessary files and these files constantly occupy memory. In such cases, there may be problems in the games that are generally played. By doing the steps we give you, you can relax your computer a little bit. Apart from these, if there are files you do not use, you can delete them and relax the computer.

Fix power options

Step # 1: Press Windows + R to open the Run window.
Step # 2: Type powercfg.cpl in the box that opens and press Enter.
Step # 3: If the Show / hide additional plans section at the bottom of the popup window is off, click on it and open it.
Step # 4: Click on the “High performance” option found in this section.

As you know, there is a section in the Windows operating system where you can adjust the power options. In this section, there are three different options named balanced, power saving and high performance. Computers are usually used in Balanced mode by default since they were first turned on. In the power saving mode, the power consumed by the computer is reduced by sacrificing performance.

You can set the power of your computer to high performance mode by completing the steps we mentioned to you. This mode allows your computer to work more efficiently, but also increases the power spent slightly. As a result, you can spend more energy and get better performance in games.

Update your video card driver

Of course, one of the indispensable things is to update the graphics card. Updates that are seen as ineffective due to the fact that it is a very simple process can actually be life-saving. Updating drivers is one of the most effective ways to get the maximum power out of your hardware. So much so that updates to the graphics card can sometimes increase performance by 30%.

After finding the appropriate drivers for your endi graphics card, install them and complete the installation. After this step, you can do much more processing on your video card and make it work more stable and powerful.

We have come to the end of our PUBG FPS Boosting how to guide. If you do all the steps to the end of this content, where we have written the methods that will work in increasing FPS for you, you will feel a noticeable increase in FPS.


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