How to avoid spoilers from Wandavision / Vision

Visiting your social networks, opening YouTube or simply surfing the Web are pleasures that are taken for granted. But whenever there is a series that becomes trending and that is broadcast with the old format of a new chapter per week, some unfortunate person always has to come with nothing better to do. WandavisiĆ³n / Vision and the Scarlet Witch simply come and bust you for doing the (without) grace.

Given that we cannot execute those people as Thanos would do – better than Ronan the accuser and his hammerhead – from him, we have another resource: shield ourselves and our Internet visits.

How to avoid spoilers from WandavisiĆ³n / Vision and the Scarlet Witch

Mute Spoilers on Twitter
The microblogging app has long incorporated a feature to mute specific words, hashtags, and even entire phrases. And it is done this easy:

The first thing you should do after entering the app or through the browser is go to Notifications
Find the gear that opens Settings.
Now you will see the Notifications Filters. This is where you can activate the new measure.
Scroll down to the third option, Silenced Words, and turn it on
This will open another screen from which you can add everything you want to silence, from a specific hashtags to words, emoji icons, user names, complete phrases, etc., in this case any name, hashtag and even the title and Wandavision related number, such as Wandavision E06 or 1×06 to refer to episode 6.
Then you click on ‘Done’ in the upper right screen and the changes will have been saved.
Filter comments on Instagram
To automatically hide comments that you don’t want to appear in your posts, you can filter them with the default or custom keywords. The default list of keywords contains the most common inappropriate and offensive words on Instagram, including foul language, but this function can be programmed to include terms referring to series, movies, books, etc.

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Open Instagram and go to your profile by pressing your photo in the lower right corner
Tap the Options icon in the upper right (the three horizontal stripes).
At the end of the list you have the Settings option
Enter and go to Privacy
Find Comments
At the end you have the option ‘Manual Filter’, activate it
Now you can write words and phrases related to Wandavision so that they do not appear in the publications or stories of your contacts or suggested.



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