How To Avoid Spider-Man No Way Home Spoilers On Twitter, Instagram And Facebook


Spider-Man: Visiting your social networks, opening YouTube or simply surfing the web are pleasures that are taken for granted. But sometimes it is an exercise in absolute risk, especially when a fuel for spoilers such as Spider-man: No Way Home is released, one of those films that although it has already released some of its aces, will surely keep many others under the banner. sleeve.

How to avoid spoilers from Spider-man No Way Home

But this is the time of social networks, of the clever, of the trolls and there always has to be some unfortunate person with nothing better to do, come and blow your movie on duty simply for doing the (no) grace. And since we cannot execute those people as Thanos would do – better like Ronan the accuser and the hammer of him -, we have another resource: shield ourselves and our Internet visits.

Anti-spoilers apps

We start by adding an extra layer of security to your smartphone, or you don’t feel like having to configure the networks by hand, as we see there are a series of apps to avoid spoilers of Avengers Endgame and in general of all the content that you do not want you to burst.

Spoiler Blocker

Designed to avoid spoilers on social networks, this app adds its own filters to the Facebook and Twitter feeds so that we can continue consulting and writing on the networks today without fear of being destroyed by Game of Thrones. Its algorithms work not only for the RR Martin universe series, but also for other series and TV shows such as Westworld or Big Brother