How To Avoid Email Arrival Notifications To Your Gmail


Gmail: You may receive mail from a multitude of people and services to your inbox every day. This is very common and surely at some point you will have wished the huge amount of emails to pass. Luckily, we bring you the solution you were looking for especially if you use the Google service with this trick with which you can prevent emails from reaching Gmail temporarily.

How to pause the entry of more emails to your Gmail

Checking email is one of the most common tasks done every day. You will find all the messages you receive of all kinds, from promotions to invoices and you may not want to know anything about this during a rest period. For this you have several options depending on the application in which you see your Gmail. We will start with the smartphone version, which will work for all devices compatible with the app.

In your case, everything consists of avoiding the notifications that reach the terminal, which there is a simple way to stop and indefinitely. Follow the following steps and you will achieve it:

Select Settings
Go to the Notifications section> Manage notifications
Select Gmail

Another way to do this is through Gmail. Here you will have to continue through the Settings section. From here, enter the Manage notifications section and select the switch that allows notifications. At the end of the day you will achieve what you need, which is to receive emails without you knowing about it.

Avoid Gmail notifications on your PC

To silence Gmail from your computer you have an option that the application offers you. This is a function called Mute. This feature is hidden, but we are going to tell you how to get it:

Enter Gmail
Select one of the divisions
Select the white box to select all messages
Click on the three points on the right side
Press Mute

This will ‘pause’ them indefinitely, perfect if you are going for the weekend or vacation and you don’t want to know anything about the inbox. The other option is to install an extension that you have for free in the Google Chrome store that responds to the name of Free Pause Gmail. In your case, this app will give you the possibility to choose up to a maximum of 24 hours, so you will have to use it again on your PC several times to extend the usage time.


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