How to ask questions on Brainly by mobile


Asking questions on Brainly by cell phone is possible on the social network focused on questions and answers on academic subjects. The application allows students to send questions about mathematics, Portuguese, history, geography, biology, among other subjects, in addition to specific Enem subjects.

The user can easily access responses that other people have sent, in addition to answering other people’s questions. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to ask questions on Brainly by cell phone. The app is available for smartphones with Android or iPhone (iOS).

How to ask questions on Brainly by mobile

Step 1. To ask questions on Brainly on your cell phone, open the app and tap “Profile” to access your account. Select “Log in” and fill in your credentials;

Step 2. After login, open the “Ask” section and tap “Scan and resolve” to open the camera. Then, point the camera at a question, capture the photo and crop the image so that it only highlights the question. Finally, select “Use this photo”;

Step 3. The application will recognize the text immediately and, if you already have similar questions, will display the results on the screen. Touch a question to see your answer;

Step 4. To write a question manually, tap the keyboard icon at the top of the screen. Then, write your question;

Step 5. The Brainly will identify similar issues and display them on the screen. Then, touch a question to see your answer;

Step 6. If none of the items match your question, tap the “+” symbol next to the “Not what you’re looking for” banner. So, elaborate your question in more detail, if you want;

Step 7. Touch “+ Subject” and select the discipline to which your question belongs. Finally, confirm in “Ask your question” to post the question on Brainly;

Step 8. To see the answers that people gave to your question, access your profile, tap on “My questions” and select the desired question. Then, see the responses sent.

Ready. Take advantage of the tips and learn how to ask questions on Brainly by cell phone.


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