How to apply for unemployment insurance


During the coronavirus pandemic, companies have tried even harder to avoid any type of face-to-face activity to mitigate the risks of contagion in the population.

In the case of Sine, the National Employment System, the migration of services to digital has been going on for some time, which proved even more essential at that time.

One of the services offered is unemployment insurance, an essential service that guarantees financial stability for a certain period of time for thousands of people. It is now possible to start the entry process through the Emprega Brasil Portal. To know the step by step of how to get your unemployment insurance online, just keep reading!

What has changed?

Before, the process to apply for unemployment insurance could already be done online, but it was not completely digital, since it was necessary that the individual who was applying to go to a Sine service point to be able to check all the required documentation.

However, it is now guaranteed that all steps of applying for insurance will be online. It is another step towards the migration to digital, since the use of the digital work card through the federal government app is also already in use.

Follow the step by step on how to apply for unemployment insurance online:

1st step

Access the Portal Emprega Brasil website through the address

2nd step

On the left side of the site, look for the “register” option. It is in a “Emprega Brasil” menu, among other options. When you find it, you can click.

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3rd step

Enter your CPF and select “create your account”. Choose one of the options available to proceed with the registration, such as your data at Banco do Brasil, Internet Banking or one of the other possibilities.

4th step

When everything is properly filled out, the system should recognize the submission and show the option “unemployment insurance”. When it is shown, just click.

5th step

Jobs in Brazil now requires filling in more information about the individual applying for unemployment insurance. He must answer questions from different fields, such as academic and professional, to confirm that he is able to receive the benefit.

Since the beginning of the registration, it is important to have some documents in hand, especially the Work Card, as the system generates questions and the user must obtain at least four correct answers to the five questions.

What if it goes wrong? In this scenario, you will have to wait 24 hours, until the next day, to be able to start the registration process from the first step. However, if the user is in a hurry or simply does not want to wait all this time, it is also possible to call 135 to contact INSS employees directly and be served.

With this possibility of applying for unemployment insurance online, the process becomes less bureaucratic and can be done directly from home, making it easier for everyone.


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