How to advertise on WhatsApp


It is possible to advertise events or services by message on WhatsApp with some functions of the application for Android and iPhone (iOS). Features such as a mailing list, automatic messages and even the Status tool can help advertise on WhatsApp. Check the list below for four ways to advertise on the app. The procedure was performed on a Galaxy J6 with Android 8.0 (Oreo), but the instructions also apply to iPhone.

Remember that it is necessary to be parsimonious with disclosures on WhatsApp. Contacts can be annoyed by the frequent and massive sending of messages, and the application itself has already announced that it will process users who send texts in an automated and massified way.

1. Make a transmission list
The transmission list allows you to send the same message to several contacts at once through WhatsApp. The application does not indicate that it is a sending to more than one person, but it is worth remembering that the text will only reach those who have their contact on their cell phone.

Step 1. Select the three-point menu at the top of the main WhatsApp screen. Then, tap on the “New transmission” option;

Step 2. Once you have chosen the option “New transmission”, you will see your contact list. Choose the contacts to which you want to send your disclosure. Then tap on the green icon at the bottom of the screen to complete the selection process;

Step 3. A broadcast session will open. Write the messages you want to disseminate and send them to the list. They will be received by all recipients.

2. Set up automatic responses
Automatic responses can be useful when making disclosure on WhatsApp, since advertising can be sent quickly if someone contacts you. You can configure responses with third-party applications, with WhatsAuto, or switch to WhatsApp Business and use the messenger’s native tools.

Step 1. Download WhatsAuto for Android. On the main screen of the application, select the pencil icon to edit your automatic message. A new screen will open. On that screen, write your automatic message in the upper field. Then select the confirmation icon at the top of the screen;

Step 2. After setting up your automatic reply text, change the key on WhatsAuto’s main screen so that your automatic reply is activated;

Step 3. WhatsAuto will also need your authorization to access notifications. Confirm the authorization. Once this step is done, your WhatsApp will automatically respond to people through an automatic reply.

3. Forward the disclosure message to groups
While the broadcast list allows you to send messages only to individual contacts, it is possible to advertise in WhatsApp groups by forwarding the publicity to the collective conversations in which you participate.

Step 1. Write a message. Send it to someone or a group. Then select that message. After doing this, tap on the share icon at the top of the screen;

Step 2. Select from your contact list the groups to which you want to send your message. Keep in mind that WhatsApp limits up to five choices for forwarding messages. The chosen contacts will have a green confirmation symbol. Once the five groups have been chosen, confirm the submission at the bottom of the screen.

4. Publish the disclosure in the Status
WhatsApp Status has half a billion daily active users worldwide. Editing a publicity photo and posting it on the ephemeral publishing tool can be useful to reach even people who have your contact and you don’t even know.

Step 1. Select the “Status” tab at the top of WhatsApp. Then, tap on the “+” icon next to your photo, in the top banner with the title “My status”. Then, you will be able to photograph an object that you want to disclose or, still, choose images from your device’s gallery, through the icons in the lower range;

Step 2. After selecting or photographing the image, you can add a caption and edit it. After this step, confirm sending the status by selecting the arrow at the bottom of the screen. Then wait while WhatsApp shares your status update.


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