How to adopt an animal through e-government?


It is easier than ever to save the life of one of the millions of animals fighting for life on the streets and in shelters. Moreover, you can quickly complete the first step of this process through e-government. Let’s take a closer look at how to adopt an animal from e-government, and see details about the process of adopting a pet in e-government.

The number of cats and dogs on the streets is increasing every day across the country. Especially dogs that have become gangs cause deadly harm to people and each other. Unfortunately, public services in this regard are insufficient, and it is not known what exactly some animal associations are doing in this regard. In such a situation, the best thing you can do, as a true zoo lover, is to shelter a soul struggling for life on the street or in a shelter in poor conditions and give it a warm home.

If you want a pet, don’t give money to the traffickers who are chasing them, log in to the e-government and take the first step towards adoption. This is not a common service yet, but you can apply and give a friend a warm home by getting access to the list of ready-to-own animals published by some large shelters through e-government. Let’s take a closer look at how to adopt an animal from e-government, and see details about the process of adopting a pet in e-government.

Step #1: Open the e-government website:

E-government, first launched in 2008, is a platform where you can easily perform many official transactions over the Internet. You can access the e-government platform through your desktop internet browser, mobile internet browser or mobile application, which you can download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Step #2: Log in using your e-government account details:

After opening the e-government website, the system will ask you to log in. In other words, you need the password of a previously created e-government account and your TR identification number. If you don’t have an e-government account, you can find out how to create one by following the link here.

Step #3: Enter a pet in the search bar and search:

After opening the e-government website and logging in with your account details, the main page of the platform will appear. Since it will be difficult to navigate to the specified pages from the menu section, you can get results much faster by typing animal adoption in the platform search bar.

Step #4: Choose the shelter you want to accept:

When you enter adoption in the search bar on the e-government website and perform a search, only the adoption pages of Keciören Municipality, Buyukcekmece Municipality and Bagcıllar Municipality appear. Choose among them the shelter that suits you the most, and continue the process.

Step #5: Choose the animal you want to shelter:

After selecting the shelter you want to adopt, a list or selection screen will appear with animals that can be adopted. On this screen you can see all the animals that can be adopted and detailed information about the animals. Continue by selecting an animal.

Step #6: Submit a request:

After selecting a suitable animal for adoption from the most suitable shelter for you, an application page will appear. During the application process, write your valid phone number, email address and residential address. Submit a request by adding information that will inform the shelter managers about the subject in the description section.

Step #7: You can contact the shelter:

Depending on which institution you apply to, the shelter will contact you after a while. Without waiting for the shelter representatives to contact you, you can call the shelter immediately after submitting the application and inform them that you have submitted the application and get the necessary information to speed up the process.

What you need to know about the adoption of animals through the “Electronic government”:

For the first step of the process of adopting animals through e-government, it is enough to follow the steps that we explained above. Then the shelter will get to you or you need to get to the shelter. This service, which is provided through e-government, is actually a kind of quick information goal. This way, you will get to the foster animals in the shelter as soon as possible.

At the moment, we can say that the process of implementing e-government is in its infancy. Because although almost every municipality in our country has a shelter, only two municipalities in Istanbul and one in Ankara can reach the shelter. It is assumed that other municipalities will become more visible as demand for this service increases.

If you cannot find a shelter suitable for your conditions by applying this process, you can contact the local municipality by doing a quick internet search or by calling. Municipal officials will direct you to the nearest shelter or tell you how to get to it. This way you can find out the most accurate and detailed information about the subject.

About the adoption of pets:

If you want to adopt an animal, you can take the first step towards adoption through e-government by applying the method described above. But the more important point here is how ready you are to take on the responsibility of raising an animal.

To protect the health of the animal you care about, it is extremely important to give him the right food, take him to the vet regularly, make him train daily and, most importantly, socialize him, giving priority to his psychology.

For this reason, before taking an animal, you should conduct a detailed study on this issue, talk to other animal owners, get information from veterinarians and make sure. It would be the worst cruelty you can commit to leave an animal struggling for survival on the street again in a few months. You can share your thoughts on this topic in the comments.


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