How to Add NFT to Twitter Profile? Twitter NFT Feature Guide


The NFT sector experienced a huge boom in 2021, reaching a billion-dollar transaction volume. Social media giant Twitter has adapted to the cryptocurrency industry with the Bitcoin vision of its former CEO, Jack Dorsey. Twitter, which implemented the NFT addition function after the tip payment feature with Bitcoin, continues to play an important role in the ecosystem. In this article, we will learn together how to add NFT to Twitter profile photo.

How to Add NFT?

Twitter is one of the social media channels where crypto communities are concentrated. The giant platform offers its users more experience in the crypto space with the feature of adding NFT officially. However, I should point out that this feature is not yet active for Turkish users. To add NFT, you must first have a blue click that represents the authenticity of the account. After providing the blue tick, the Twitter Blue certification can be obtained at a monthly cost of $2.99 ​​for users in designated regions and terms.

For users with a blue click and a Twitter Blue subscription, click the “edit profile” option in the profile section. Here, after choosing the option to add a profile photo, we see the upload photo and select NFT section.

After clicking Select NFT, the step is taken to link your wallet. After selecting connect wallet, we can go to the next step by choosing one of the Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, Metamask, Trust, Argent, Ledger Live options. After the specified wallet selections, your NFT collection is displayed on the screen.

We can select any item from your NFT collection. At this point, your unique NFT is fitted into Twitter’s hexagonal profile photo frame and added to your profile after approval.

NFT Information

Now that we learned about adding NFT, let’s see how it will look in the profile section. By clicking on the hexagonal NFT profile photo, we can access all the information of the unique entity. Information such as the collection name, owner, rarity, the Blockchain it was built on, token standard, token ID, control address will appear in the NFT properties window that opens.