How to add music to WhatsApp statuses


The WhatsApp States give us the option to upload photos as we would in Instagram Stories, in addition to giving us control to decide who can see them and who can not and also send texts. In this way, with WhatsApp Status we can upload stories to these states, from a simple text message to a photo, video, or even a GIF.

But did you know that you can also do it by adding music?

WhatsApp statuses with music

Yes, there are two ways: one is by installing an application, and the other without installing anything.

Without installing anything

1.Open the music player you use on your mobile and look for the song you want to play in the state you are going to upload
2.Hit play and turn up the volume so it’s loud through the speakers
3.Now go to WhatsApp and open the status tab
4.Hit the green camera icon to upload a photo / video status
5.Press the record button on the interface, as if you were going to make a video for the WhatsApp statuses
6.WhatsApp will then record the music that is playing around the mobile. You can cover the camera lens so that it does not record video, only audio
7.Check how the recording was when you finish recording the song.
8.Once you are convinced, click on the bottom of the green arrow and send it to the status update. This is a quick method, but there are not many options and the quality of the song can suffer if there is outside noise during recording.

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Installing an app

1.Download the VideoShow app from the Google Play Store – one of the best rated and most downloaded
2.When installing it, open and tap on ‘Edit video’.
3.Scroll through your device gallery and select a background image.
4.Press Next after selecting the image and in the editor menu, edit the image if necessary
5.Select duration time – maximum amount is 30 seconds.
6.Go to the editor screen and at the bottom of the Music tab, touch it and press ‘Play to add music’.
7.Finally, scroll through the audio files to put the music you want.
8.When you find the right music, you can see the duration, as in the case of the video, and click on ‘Add music’.
9.Press the ‘check mark icon’ that appears in the upper right corner and ‘save to gallery’. This will make


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