How to Add Fonts to Windows (and where to find them)


Regardless of whether you choose the right font for a professional document or a personal blog, it is important to ensure good readability, impression and impact. Windows already has a lot of different fonts pre-installed, but what if you need something different?

In this guide, we’ll show you where you can get some great free fonts and then quickly install them in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Facts about Fonts for Entertainment

In computing, a font is usually a data file containing a set of lines and curves, each of which defines a specific character (also known as a glyph) when displayed on the screen.

Using math to describe the shape rather than a fixed set of pixels makes it easier to scale the size of the symbol.

Such fonts come in two popular types: TrueType, developed by Apple in the late 1980s (file.tff), and OpenType, developed by Microsoft and Adobe (.oft). The latter is built on the basis of the former and therefore offers more functionality, but both are fully supported by almost all operating systems.

For general use, it doesn’t matter what type you use, but OpenType is the best choice for designers because of the data format using superior math to create the glyph (which allows for more fancy fonts!).

Windows, like almost all operating systems, comes with dozens of pre-installed fonts, and they are often enough for the needs of most people. But if you want to use something different or have a very specific look or style in mind, then adding a new font is not difficult at all.

Search for new fonts

There are countless websites offering fonts for download – some of them are completely free, while others are sold at a high price. The reason for this comes down to what license the font is distributed under.

For example, along with Helvetica/Arial, we use Roboto for most of the headers and other UI elements that you see on TechSpot. This font was developed by Google for their Android operating system. It is distributed under the Apache license, which means that it can be used for any purpose, modified and distributed without paying any royalties.

Not all fonts are made this way, so if a fee is charged for downloading a set, you can check the license details if you plan to use it for commercially published documents.

One of the best resources for free fonts is Google Fonts. Here you can search for more than 1400 different font families and easily find what will satisfy your needs.

If you know the name of the font you need, just enter it in the search box. But if you don’t know what to use, the “Suggestion” field next to the search area will allow you to try them all. Enter a few words of text and you will immediately see how it looks with all the fonts that the site offers.


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