How to add a signature to Gmail; Here are the Details


You may send a lot of emails a day and they all have the same font and design. And you can do little else to give it a personal or your own design beyond a signature. That is why we tell you how to add a signature to your Gmail emails, something that is done in a few very simple steps and that has many options to offer you

How to put a signature in Gmail

You may no longer receive any letter from anyone other than the public administration and the occasional notification. Now everything is done with a smartphone or a computer with the amount of messaging services that are on the Internet. But even these have their own signs that improve the design that make it different from the rest but at the same time more professional in many cases.

We are talking about Gmail signatures, a resource that further personalizes your emails. These are placed at the end of the body of it and allow you to put personal data so that the recipient knows where to find you or how to contact you much faster than by a simple email. The first thing you have to do is decide what you are going to put and once in mind you just have to follow the steps that we teach you below.

  • Open Gmail
  • Click on the gear drawing
  • Click on the ‘See all settings’ button
  • Look for the signature section and click Create
  • After giving it a name you can now use your word processor and write it
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One of the things you should know when creating your own signature in Gmail is that you can use more resources. We refer to the use of images, hyperlinks and other fonts to create your own or follow the corporate pattern of the company. After it is the way you want it, you only need to select it as the predefined signature, and this is important because you can create several signatures and modify them to your liking.

Another thing you should know is that Gmail gives you the option to use the signature according to what options. As a recommendation, it is important that the messages you write always have your signature integrated at the end of the text, but when it comes to responses, you can choose not to include it. In this way the thread of the conversation will be visually shorter since the information of who has sent it and when it will always be present.


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