How to activate the ‘Search my phone’ function offline


Initially available only in the United States, Samsung’s “Search my phone” offline function was released worldwide with the update of the operating system, version According to SamMobile, apparently, all Galaxy smartphones with Android 10, as well as Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watches, will receive the novelty.

Instead of looking for conventional internet connection networks, the feature searches for other Samsung devices in the vicinity of the activated device, pointing out its approximate location to the user. Therefore, whoever loses it will have a new chance to recover it.

To activate the offline feature, just install the latest version of the OS and follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings> Biometrics and Security

2. Tap “Search my phone”

3. Enable “Find offline”

4. Accept the terms of use.

Note that the function requires permission to use battery and smartphone data. In addition, if you wish, it is possible to encrypt the offline location, preventing third parties from obtaining such information if they do not have the defined code.

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