How to activate mirror mode in iOS 14 camera


All current smartphones have a front camera with which you can take good photos by seeing yourself on the screen.

They are the so-called selfie shots, the favorites of all users who like themselves and want to be the protagonists. However, the main feature is that it works the opposite of what you see, that is, it really shows that you are holding the mobile with the correct hand. Therefore, if you have an iPhone with iOS 14 integrated, we will tell you how you can activate the mirror mode in the camera.

This is how mirror mode is activated in iOS 14

The front camera of your iPhone will not only help you with those shots in which you and the environment are the protagonists. It is true that it is its main function, but apart it will help you as if it were a mirror and see you. By itself, the camera of your iPhone is turned sideways and does not reflect what it actually appears. Come on, what is on the left is on the right.

If you want this not to happen, we will tell you a trick to activate the mirror mode in the front camera in iOS 14. The truth is that it does not have much science and it is one of those characteristics that are somewhat hidden and that after a little fiddling they are easily removed .

  • Go to Settings and select Camera
  • Go to the Composition section
  • Turn on the front camera flip function switch

Once this procedure is done you will have to go back to the camera to check that you have made the relevant changes and for this you will have to take a photo. Then, if everything is to your liking, you just have to find the right moment to take a selfie and let the camera do its job properly. Or, you can use it as a mirror whenever you need it.

The new operating system from Cupertino is the most complete on the market and many fans have had to learn to use the terminal again. There have been many novelties in iOS 14 but we make it a little easier for you by telling you things that help you in your day to day, such as the configuration of your cameras among other functions that the software has.


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