How to activate Google Assistant while driving


As you know, using your mobile while driving is considered a serious crime. It is a very great distraction behind the wheel, so if you have to manipulate your mobile behind the wheel, it is best to do it with voice commands or stopped at a traffic light. Luckily, the virtual assistants are at your disposal to give you orders and use your mobile for you. But if you use Google Maps you should know that Google Assistant can be used while driving. We tell you how you can do it.

How to activate Google Assistant while driving

As we have already told you, driving and using the mobile are not compatible tasks. But it is true that there are functions that with a simple voice command can be executed without touching the screen. This is possible? Yes, and also if you don’t have an app like Android Auto you can also place it on the screen of your smartphone even if you browse Google Maps.

The procedure is very simple and you only have to access it thanks to the function of the virtual assistant itself. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is start Google Assistant. Then, select your profile image and enter your account settings. From here you have to enter the part called Displacements, where you can find the car mode.

If you have followed all the steps up to here you just have to activate this mode and do the voice test. This will help the assistant recognize your voice every time you need it and come to your aid to carry out an action. Call someone, change the route or music are some of the functions that will allow you to use this option.

Use it while you guide yourself with the GPS

One of the characteristics when activating Google Assistant while driving is that you have an icon always on the screen. In this way you only have to press once on the screen to activate the feature, although our recommendation goes through two points. The first of them is to use voice control, since this way you won’t have to look at the screen every time you want to use Google Assistant. The second is that you download the Android Auto application for screens, which will undoubtedly help you much more.


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