How to activate Gmail by default in iOS 14


One of the novelties of iOS 14 (and also iPadOS 14) is that you can now choose and establish third-party applications as alternatives for both the Email client and the web browser. For example, you can choose to navigate with the Mozilla Firefox browser, and let the Outlook app open your emails. Or for example use Google’s Gmail.

Gmail on iOS

Apple had activated the option to use different Third Party email managers and apps in its iOS 14, released last week and a version that is characterized by its wide customization capacity, compared to the usual versions more ‘rigid’ than always have characterized the iPhone operating system.

But curiously, the Gmail application did not have support in iOS 14 to be the default email manager, so it was necessary to resort to a ‘trick’ using the browser version of Gmail for it. A trick that we were going to tell you, but that Apple has just made it unnecessary because today it has announced a new update of Gmail for iOS, version 6.0.200824, which already allows this same as we officially read in the App Store.

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