How the Winter Soldier Should Play in Marvel’s “Avengers”


Jane Foster’s “Mighty Thor” came out recently, but fans are already excited about the next potential character to appear in Marvel’s “Avengers.” Rumors about the leaked Female Hulk have been going around for quite some time, and although she is still supposedly due to appear at some point as a playable character, it seems that another character should appear before her. If this is legal, then several reliable leaks have since pointed to the possibility of adding a Winter Soldier to Marvel’s Avengers.

The acquaintance of many fans with James Buchanan Barnes comes directly from the MCU, where he has undoubtedly become more popular as a character. If Bucky is added, Marvel’s Avengers will once again have no shortage of cosmetic skin inspirations to use for the character between his starring role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and his last appearance in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But how the Winter Soldier will play is a completely different matter, and there are certain accessories and firearms in his arsenal that Marvel’s Avengers could consider.

“Winter Soldier” May Be Similar to “Black Widow” from Marvel’s Avengers

Since so many Marvel’s Avengers playable characters can be adapted as echo characters, it makes sense to present Bucky as an echo of the Black Widow. Natasha Romanoff’s stealth and expertise as an assassin spy is no different from Bucky’s own elusive espionage strategies, and her use of double pistols already sets the template for Bucky to use her own firearms.

Bucky can be seen using many types of firearms in the source materials of the comics, as well as throughout the MCU, which could be swapped for various attacks in the Marvel’s Avengers gameplay. Bucky could switch between a pistol, an assault rifle, a grenade launcher or a sniper rifle. Black Widow’s movement still allows her to jump as fast and far as Marvel’s Avengers superhuman characters, but she also has a grip that allows her to move in the air as well.

One of her coveted modes of transportation, which fans dreamed of even before the release of Marvel’s Avengers, was a motorcycle. This could be implemented in the form of mechanics in which a motorcycle would appear next to her so that she could instantly get on it and ride until she decides to jump off it, similar to how players in many open-world games can suddenly summon a steed or other means of transportation. on their side. Not a single motorcycle has been added for Black Widow, and it’s unlikely that it will be added for Winter Soldier, but it will still make it unique. Otherwise, Bucky can just run and jump like other characters, or even do a double jump like Captain America.

The Winter Soldier’s abilities should revolve around tactical accessories

There are key differences between Bucky from the comics and Bucky from the MCU, but since Marvel’s “Avengers” has its own original canon, it’s likely to appeal more to the MCU in regards to its origins, or perhaps be a mix of the two with a possible nod to the Infinity Formula. In any case, from the point of view of the combat abilities of the Winter Soldier, one should not lose sight of his cybernetic hand.

Being one of his most distinctive features, Bucky’s chrome-plated arm could probably do a lot of damage to wound-up mowers. This would make shortening the distance fun, while his main source of damage may be firearms, and technological gadgets can also be used with a cybernetic hand.

Bucky’s cybernetic arm previously had an EMP discharger and a holographic projector; for example, an EMP can be used to temporarily stun any nearby hordes of AIM bots, while a holographic projector can create simulated decoys similar to those of Kate Bishop. In addition, knives can be implemented through a single knife for close combat, as well as throwing knives for fast projectiles.

All of these dynamic attack methods would be creative options for the player’s three abilities. The gameplay of the Winter Soldier in Marvel’s Avengers may be familiar to players, but it remains unique if you take into account his shooting skills and an improved prosthetic arm.

Marvel’s Avengers is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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