How the winning director of the Academy of Child Actor once pulled Jason Bateman out of a career downhill


Jason Bateman managed to become an IT specialist not in one, but in two generations. His performance in the Netflix series “Ozark” will forever remain a key moment of pop culture for many of us. And for others, it will be his game in “Developmental Delay” or such films as “The Wolf Cub too.” The actor started with a cereal commercial and eventually spent most of his childhood auditioning, learning lines and being on set.

But the loss of the magical days of childhood affects many actors, Bateman was one of them. In addition, as soon as Bateman began to grow as a teen idol, he got a taste of parties and alcohol. And that was the beginning of his downfall. There have been few good performances by Jason Bateman over the years. And the masses took it as a case of another fallen child actor. This would be true if it weren’t for the director of “Development Delay”.

Jason Bateman is indebted to the director of Arrested Development

Bateman may be drowning in awards and accolades right now, but for most of his 20s, many considered him a hopeless cause because of his hangouts. Nevertheless, the director of “Slow Development” believed in Bateman and gave us what will become a fan favorite show. Bateman and Ron Howard have a lot in common. Both of them were child actors and have families in the industry.

Ron Howard made his debut at the age of one with Frontier Woman. However, after giving more appearances in “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Happy Days,” Havard soon discovered that his true vocation was to be a director. And we’re glad he did, because if it wasn’t for him, Jason Bateman’s career slump would have lasted longer.

“Developmental Delay” brought the director an Emmy Award, and the actor unprecedented fame. After the 2003 show, Jason Bateman stood firmly on his feet.

And hit the jackpot with Ozark on Netflix again. “It was very, very nice to have the opportunity to have him as a mentor and friend, and then obviously such a huge part of my career—defining work on ‘Developmental Delay,'” Bateman expressed gratitude.

After recovering from alcoholism, the actor has only soared higher when it comes to success as well as human growth. You can watch Jason Bateman’s groundbreaking performance in the movie “Slow Development” on Netflix.


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