How the Time Wraiths hindered the plot of the series


The Flash’s Timewraiths are hideous, monster-like creatures who have gone after the speedsters for manipulating her to any degree. However, they have largely been an obstacle to Barry’s (Grant Gustin) growth as a sprinter.

The introduction of the Time Wraiths in The Flash actually worked against Barry’s personal growth, knowing that the Time Wraiths are there to hunt this makes them frightening external adversaries that Barry tries not to enrage.

The fallout from time travel was never an issue that Barry fully dealt with, despite Barry facing reprimands for his actions at different points throughout the series’ six seasons.

The sprinter’s personal journey as a time traveler never saw any self-discovery on Barry’s part. There was also no character development or explanation of how he used it to overcome a past trauma that he never faced in The Flash.

The Time Wraiths became another obstacle to overcome. Without them, the series would have benefited enormously and Barry would have been able to approach his time travel quests in a more personal way.

The Time Wraiths are inconsistent villains that only seem to appear randomly. Compared to all the times Barry has traveled through time, the Time Wraiths have only chased him a few times.

The first appearance was at the end of season 2 of The Flash, when Barry briefly posed as a past version of himself to get information on Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh).

Ironically, the Time Wraiths didn’t show up at all when Barry went back in time to save his mother and created Flashpoint. Nor have they appeared in other major cases, and their presence has been nothing more than an invention of the plot of The Flash.


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