How the Style of Brittany Banks’ 90-day-Old Fiance Has Changed after Significant Weight Loss


The style of former 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Brittany Banks has changed dramatically since she lost weight, and some of her high fashion photos prove it. Viewers may remember the former cast member from the second season of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days: A Different Way”, where she appeared together with former partner Yazan Abu Horira. Brittany did not find love in the series, but became one of the most popular actors of her season.

After participating in the 90-day Groom franchise, she began to change her appearance. She started her fitness journey and has lost over 70 pounds in the last year. Brittany took to her Instagram to flaunt her figure-skater body and talked about her diet and workout regime. According to the former reality TV star, she achieved her weight loss by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

She shared that she had been on a salmon and spinach diet for most of her fitness journey. Brittany does high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which helps her burn a lot of calories. She demonstrated an amazing transformation on social media, and also revealed that she had done invasive plastic surgery procedures. She had her old breast implants replaced with new ones and had a breast lift.

December 2020

Aspiring rap singer Brittany showed off her curvy figure in a tight maroon outfit. She captioned her Instagram post with the words “Wipe his nose,” flaunting her body in three different photos. Brittany looked much more modern and stylish than during her participation in the show. The monochrome outfit of earthy tones was also an interesting change and was sharply different from her bright outfits of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

December 2021

Last year, Brittany impressed fans with her toned stomach and new makeup. She was wearing a long gray dress that accentuated her full breasts and sculpted stomach. Brittany wrote: “Last-minute shopping for the holiday! I received so many compliments about this dress while I was away.” She showed off her slender face with a straight hairstyle. Most viewers of “90 Day Fiancé” remember that during the show Brittany had long and curly locks. However, her 2021 style was completely different, and fans noticed it. An Instagram user wrote: “Perfection,” while another commented: “Sooooo hot.”

May 2022

Lately Brittany has been wearing a more casual and sporty look. The video shows the former reality TV star wearing a loose white shirt, blue jeans and high heels. Brittany talked about her weekly diet in a post and wrote: “I really prefer visiting Atlanta restaurants for happy hour/lunch during the week than eating at home.” Her beautiful “bossy” energy in an elegant and stylish outfit found a response from fans who showered her with compliments in the comments. One fan wrote: “Looks good, Brittany xx.” Another fan intervened: “Still and always will be the most beautiful member of the 90-day cast.” After seeing the latest photos of Brittany, it becomes clear that she is one of the best actors of the 90-day groom, who caught fire after the show.