How the sister-wives of star Cody Brown celebrated Father’s Day


Father’s Day has just passed, and Sister Wives followers are curious to know if Cody Brown had a big holiday with his family. A large polygamous clan has separated since season 16 ended, which has put Cody in a dilemma. The 18-year-old father was supposed to be showered with gifts, but fans don’t even think he got recognized on Father’s Day.

Recently, each of Cody’s spouses has been leading a solitary life, as the family dynamics have deteriorated. Mary, Janelle and Robin decided to go their own way: some go on vacation, while others stay close to home. Recent seasons of Sister Wives have shown that Cody is struggling to maintain control while trying to keep his close-knit family together. Many viewers have already assumed that few of his wives or children will celebrate him on Father’s Day; viewers would like to know what really happened.

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Sunday was Father’s Day, and Sister Wives fans are wondering how each of Cody’s wives celebrated her husband on his special day. Unfortunately, after searching on social media, it seems that none of his wives or children even acknowledged his existence on one day of the year dedicated to fathers. It’s safe to assume that Cody probably spent the day with Robin Brown, his fourth and beloved wife. The two have been leading a monogamous lifestyle for some time, and fans believe that he is no longer interested in his older wives.

Cody doesn’t show much enthusiasm when it comes to splurging or spoiling his wives, and it looks like they took note of it, as Cody didn’t attract any attention on social media last weekend. Many of Cody’s children who are active on social media haven’t even thanked their father. With 18 kids, Cody could have expected a postcard or two, but it seems he was ignored. Sister Wives fans aren’t surprised that his family missed out on his big day as he ignored them for years.

TLC has yet to confirm the new season of Sister Wives, but Cody’s son, Padon Brown, has already hinted that the cameras have started working. According to Pedon, all the wives have signed up for the new season, including his mother Kristin Brown, who left Cody in November 2021. If the rumors are confirmed, fans will be able to see how Cody gets along with the family and see what causes family unrest.