How the Penguin and the Joker Actually Own Property in Batman: Arkham City


Both the Joker and the Penguin own property in Batman: Arkham City, despite the fact that the area was used as a prison, but there are explanations why the two DC villains were able to accumulate such a significant real estate portfolio. In the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum, the Dark Knight encounters Hugo Strange, trying to solve the mystery of the new superstorm, all the while fighting off his famous opponents – the Joker and the Penguin, the two most important. Despite the fact that Arkham City is declared a superstorm, it is actually a walled area of lawlessness in Gotham. Various prisoners rally around the supervillains imprisoned there, with the two biggest gangs belonging to Batman: a monstrous version of the Penguin from Arkham City, who recruits the elite, and the Joker, who lets anyone in, but with the caveat that he can kill them on a whim. .

In Batman: Arkham City, players can find many mysteries, some of which have been revealed in additional comics released by DC Comics ahead of the game’s release. The Arkham City mini-series, written by Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City screenwriter Paul Dini, with illustrations by Carlos D’Anda, shows the events that led to the creation of the prison of the same name, and how Hugo Strange and his TYGER security forces surrounded so many villains who had not been in Batman games before, and why Bruce Wayne got into politics to fight his creation. It also explains how two such infamous villains as the Joker and the Penguin were able to assert their influence so early, and how they acquired fortresses that players will have to navigate in the game itself.

These issues are not the most important in the world. You can play Batman: Arkham City without knowing this mini-series, and everything will be fine, but knowing how the Joker and the Penguin – two of the most famous criminals in the DC universe and in the Arkhamverse Rocksteady – managed to gain control of such huge attractions of Gotham. in Batman: The open world of Arkham City, superturma or not superturma is something that may be related to the explanation. Two hideouts of villains — A steel mill and a Museum/Iceberg Lounge, respectively, is one of the most detailed, atmospheric and intriguing in Arkham City, and it’s interesting to find out how they came into the possession of the Joker and the Penguin after the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

What the Batman: Arkham City comic tells about the shelters of the Joker and penguins

The way the Penguin and the Joker became the owners of their shelters in Batman: Arkham City certainly reflects their characters: The Joker is an unpredictable threat, and the Penguin usually chooses luxury. As shown by the example of the creepy mannequin in Batman: Arkham Asylum, these games have always known how to portray the Joker. Fortunately, the same can be said about the Penguin, who bought a museum under the nose of the authorities, through which he conducts all his activities in Arkham City. The mini-series shows how the Penguin buys the museum right before the closure of Arkham Asylum, which was declared invalid after the events of the first Batman: Arkham game.

The Joker is a little more chaotic than the Penguin, and this is reflected in the way he occupied the Sionis steel mill, which previously belonged to Arkham’s eternal punching bag, Black Mask. After escaping from Arkham Asylum during an attempt on his life by the guards who survived his rampage in the previous game, the Joker and Harley wash up on the banks of the Sionis steel mill drain. Realizing that this will be part of Arkham City, which will open soon, the Joker marks it as his new base of operations. Even in his first canonical appearance as the Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins, if the Clown Prince of the underworld wants something, there is little that can prevent him from getting it. So it’s no surprise that the next time he shows up, he’s already prepared all the operations.

This information is not absolutely necessary to understand the story of Batman: Arkham City, as the player can piece together how the Joker and the Penguin got their shelters, and additional context will be provided through the unlockable stories of Arkham City Stories obtained through collectibles. However, it makes the myriad pieces of the story puzzle more dense when the player knows the setting of the game’s ridiculous setting.