How the new power of the boy soldier works in the third season of the TV series “Boys”


Attention! Contains SPOILERS for the 5th episode of season 3 of Boys.

In season 3 of “Boys“, the Soldier has new abilities that make him even more dangerous than expected. When it was first announced that Jensen Ackles would be joining The Boys as a boy soldier, it was very exciting to see the “Supernatural” star take on a cowardly satire of Captain America. A typical American hero with basic superpowers, such as super strength and a high level of invulnerability, is very different from what was shown in the series, as the story and the Soldier’s powers took a different form for the Prime Video series.

Despite appearing in a series of flashbacks to the days when he led the Payback Team in World War II, it was only in the 4th episode of season 3 of “Boys” that the Boy Soldier really became part of history. The boys found him at a secret Russian base while searching for the weapon that allegedly killed him. It was here that the Boy Soldier’s new abilities were first demonstrated when he sent a powerful energy blast from his chest, nearly killing the Boys’ Kimiko in the process. Season 3, episode 5 of “Boys” showed the evolution of these abilities after the Boy Soldier went to America, as his radioactive self actually became a bomb twice. The explosive abilities of the Boy Soldier first manifested when he was introduced to America again, but then he used them on command to kill the Crimson Countess.

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The explosive abilities of the Boy Soldier in the 3rd season of “Boys” is a completely new creation for the series, as it was not part of the character’s abilities in the Garth Ennis comics. This power is also new to the Boy Soldier in the series. He was unable to do this because of the -V Connection, and there is also no mention of explosions in the Wout files. In the third season of “Boys”, it is teased that the new strength of the Boy Soldier is the result of many years of Russian experiments, which makes him look like the Winter Soldier from the MCU. He is emitting radiation from his body due to the various trials he has endured, resulting in the Russians making the Boy Soldier a stronger weapon. Now he can not only destroy buildings and kill dozens of people with one energy explosion, but also deprive other superpowers of their abilities.

How the strength of a boy soldier takes away the strength of other superheroes

In the third season of “Boys”, it was not fully explained how the new abilities of the Boy Soldier work and what makes him deprive other superheroes of their powers. In the 4th episode of the 3rd season of “Boys”, one of the energy explosions of the Boy Soldier apparently deprived Kimiko of her powers forever. However, this does not mean that the Sandy Loam is initially protected from the explosive power of the Boy Soldier. As shown in episode 5 of Season 3 of Boys, the Soldier Boy easily killed the Crimson Countess with just one shot. Instead of taking her powers, the Soldier killed his former love.

It is likely that the Boy Soldier can take away the strength of other Supers due to the radiation that comes from these explosions. All Russian experiments have made a walking nuclear reactor out of it. The third season of “Boys” indicates that these radiation levels can eliminate the effects of Compound-V on humans. That’s why Billy Butcher thinks a Boy Soldier can kill a Homelander. If one of the Boy Soldier’s radiation blasts blows up his Homelander, he will at least temporarily become a normal person, which will give the Butcher the opportunity to kill him.

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