How the main turn of the timeline appeared in the 4th season of “Wild West World”


Below are spoilers for the 4th episode of the 4th season of “Wild West World”.

The showrunner of the fourth season of “Wild West World” Lisa Joy explains how the series got such a twist in the middle of the season. “Wild West World” has been shaking the imagination of its fans since it first appeared on HBO in 2016. And this weekend, the sci-fi series lived up to its dizzying reputation by releasing one of the biggest turns of events in its history.

Of course, it’s nothing new for Wild West World to have multiple storylines going on at the same time while keeping the audience in the dark about how the various stories are actually connected. This was the case in the first three episodes of season 4, as the show focused mainly on a couple of plots: Maeve and Caleb’s action-packed relationship with Charlotte Hale/Dolores and her new theme park “The Roaring Twenties”, as well as Bernard Stubbs’ reactivation and their meeting in the desert with a group of obvious ragtag rebels. The twist that appeared in episode 4, “Generation Loss,” then revealed the mind-blowing connection between these two seemingly separate storylines: Bernard’s story actually takes place 23 years in the future, after Hale has taken over all of Manhattan using her mind control. a parasite, and a ragtag rebel named Si is actually Caleb Frankie’s daughter. Moreover, the weapon Bernard was looking for in the desert is actually Maeve, who has spent the last 23 years buried there after her and Caleb’s fateful last encounter with Hale and the Man in Black. In addition to the craziness, it also turned out that Caleb is now a human consciousness in the host’s body, and that Charlotte subjected his copies (more precisely, 278) to the same loyalty test as the host versions of James Delos and William. 2.

This crazy, but familiar twist of “Wild West World” undoubtedly turned Season 4 on its ears, and in the future caused larger clashes. In an interview with The Wrap, showrunner Joy talked about how the writers came up with this idea in general and what it means from the point of view of the subject. She said:

I think even before we put the room together, we had the idea of a double timeline, and it was kind of a mid-season twist. But then when the writers got together and [executive producer] Alison [Shapker] and the rest of the team were there, we sort of sorted out the details. We didn’t know if it would be exactly Episode 4 or Episode 5, but we knew that we wanted to play with time in this way and deprive a person of a sense of free will, as before. deprive the robot of a sense of free will.

Indeed, “Wild West World” has been playing up the idea that hosts and people are changing roles for some time, and in fact achieving this result has always been the Hale/Dolores plan. Now it seems that the show has finally reached the point where people live in a theme park under the control of the formidable New York Hale Tower. But it seems that Hale is not content with simply controlling people’s minds and wants to fulfill the dream of a human consciousness loaded into the host’s bodies. Unfortunately, her experiments with Caleb don’t seem to be going very well, as she went through 278 copies without achieving accuracy. And another question about what happened to the Man in Black, whose body was buried with Maeve in the sand before the 23-year-old time jump. It also remains to be seen how Kristina fits into all of this.

Of course, in a sense, this latest huge plot twist is just another example of how “Wild West World” engages in its trademark audience-pleasing (and potentially frustrating) narrative acrobatics. But this time there is genuine thematic weight in the twist, as the moment of revelation with Caleb really conveyed a terrifying feeling of what it feels like to be deprived of free will. Now it will be interesting to see what happens to Hale’s current test of loyalty to Caleb and Bernard’s attempts to use Maeve as a weapon to defeat Delos as season 4 of Wild West World continues to unfold.