How the influence of the forbidden Western Greek mythology Horizon could lead to the defeat of Nemesis


Despite the fact that Horizon: Forbidden West by Guerrilla Games combines futuristic sci-fi images and apocalyptic themes, these are not the only sources of inspiration. Learning the names of places and key characters that Eloy encounters during his adventure on PS4 and PS5 helps highlight the inspiration that the studio drew from Earth’s real past. Among robots, artificial intelligences and clones, players will later find references to several ancient mythological religions.

Despite the fact that many references to Ancient Egypt can be found, perhaps the most notable are the Greek influences of Horizon Forbidden West. There are many points between the GAIA terraforming platform and most of its subordinate functions that players can connect. These references are not always just Easter eggs, as most of them have had a tangible impact on the trajectory of the universe. This means that it is already possible to speculate about the form Nemesis will take and how Eloy will eventually be able to defeat her in the inevitable third Horizon main game.

Nemesis of the Horizon

In the final moments of the Horizon Forbidden West single-player storyline, Eloy reveals the secret of his quest to save humanity. Suspecting that Hades and the Distant Zenith were not the true inspirers of the last apocalyptic catastrophes on Earth, Nora Hunter’s suspicions were confirmed through Tilda Carrie-Ann Moss. Despite the fact that Zenith escaped to Sirius after the outbreak of the Faro plague, it turned out that the colony had succumbed to its own artificial intelligence, known as Nemesis.

Despite the fact that they have already achieved physical immortality, an unknown number of scientists from the Far Zenith decided to push the boundaries of life even further. By uploading and combining their consciousness into a digital database, the group accidentally created an artificial intelligence Nemesis. Unhappy with their inability to achieve virtual immortality, the group quickly abandoned Nemesis. By and large, this single action, in fact, set the goal on the back of all mankind.

Due to its abandonment and isolation, Nemesis eventually had a clear desire to destroy all human life. When it comes to the antagonistic hierarchy of the Horizon universe, intelligent AI is at the top of the metaphorical pyramid. Within hours, Nemesis was able to destroy Sirius thanks to her intelligence, before launching a chain of events that led to the events of Horizon Zero Dawn. Now he seems to be heading to Earth to confront Ela, who will need to find a way to defeat him.

Nemesis in Greek Mythology

Despite the fact that little was known about the in-game version of Nemesis, other than the second-hand stories of the colonists of the Distant Zenith, the final moments of Horizon Forbidden West gave several tantalizing hints about its possible image. What is particularly striking is the decision of Guerrilla Games to name the entity after an outstanding figure from Greek mythology. In ancient European religion, Nemesis was often depicted as the goddess of revenge and retribution.

Considering how the Greek pantheon of gods and their stories shaped the Horizon universe in the past, it goes without saying that the nickname Nemesis is not a mere coincidence. The two concepts dominated by the Greek version, revenge and retribution, are perfectly consistent with the established backstory surrounding the AI of the Horizon universe. However, it is worth noting that the character from Greek mythology has never been portrayed as truly evil. Instead, Nemesis was said to pass sentence on mortals who she believed had committed evil deeds.

Despite the fact that it would be a little unfair to call Eloy and most people currently living on Earth that way, in general, the human race of the Horizon universe really has a lot to answer for. In addition to the creation of a robotic plague that deprived the world of organic life, many disasters occurred before and after this moment due to human actions. It goes without saying that in this department Guerrilla Games will combine Greek influences and sci-fi imagery. Having gained self-awareness, it is easy to see how Nemesis considers the entire human race to be responsible for the current difficulties of the Earth.

Since there are already several clear through lines between both incarnations of Nemesis, it is already possible to assume what form it will take in the next Horizon game, thanks to Greek mythology. Apart from the high probability that the current Nemesis form will be replaced by a female human avatar, it is also obvious that she will also be associated with GAIA on a technological level.