How the Hare King tale was related to sisters Ida and Astrid


Unable to get pregnant at Equinox, Lene, the woman we were led to believe was Ida and Astrid’s biological mother, made a deal with King Hare to have a baby.

In the Equinox show, the Hare King takes on a human form in the guise of Henrik, the teacher who considers herself a mentor to Jakob, Ida, and their friends. Lene knew it. The deal was that Lene would return Ida to Henrik when she turned 18.

So how does Astrid relate to all of this at Equinox? Astrid may be the real Ostara the Hare King was supposed to fall in love with. It was never explained how it came into their lives but it seems Astrid and Ida were meant to be together.

Lene points out that although Astrid and Ida weren’t actually sisters, they had a “special connection.” And when Astrid meets Henrik, she is immediately drawn to him at Equinox.

In the final episode of Equinox, Astrid discovers that it has been 21 years since Ida disappeared, and King Hare always comes in loop 21. By gathering all the clues and various pieces, Astrid learns that King Hare / Henrik is waiting. carry it.

Astrid hears the Hare King whisper “Ostara” moments after meeting him in the forest and when she walks towards him, a flower blooms in her wake, indicating that she really is the goddess of fertility in Equinox.

Ida is also strongly associated with the bird images on Equinox, including the feathered outfit she wore when she met King Hare, the bird skeleton she had, and even the hare / bird poster in her bedroom.

Ultimately, Ida and Astrid travel together to be with King Hare while Astrid’s sacrifice frees her sister from that horrible lair on Equinox, but this time she decides to stay with her.