How the Game as a Service Goes to the Next Generation


As the arrival of the Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5 comes nearer, one inquiry specifically turns out to be perpetually important: what number game-as-an administration titles are getting cutting edge ports? What’s more, obviously, there is the development: what number of them will keep the several hours of spare information that I’ve put into the game as of now?

Underneath, we investigate all the significant game-as-an administration titles that are as yet accepting new substance drops, refreshes, and hotfix fixes and posting whether they are getting cutting edge ports. In the event that they are (or if there’s a likelihood that they might), we be able to likewise list whether they uphold cross-play and cross-movement. We likewise let you know whether you’ll have to purchase the game once more. To enable you to discover what you’re searching for, the games are recorded in sequential request.

Song of praise

BioWare has reported that it plans on giving the plunder shooter a total upgrade following Anthem’s rough dispatch, yet cutting edge comfort ports haven’t been declared as a component of those plans. We accept that Anthem 2.0 will get Xbox Series X/S and PS5 ports, however we can’t realize that without a doubt – it could stay on current-gen equipment, just playable on cutting edge by means of in reverse similarity. On current-gen stages, Anthem doesn’t uphold cross-play or cross-movement.

Zenith Legends

Respawn has just affirmed that Apex Legends will get cross-play uphold and both Switch and versatile ports. In any case, the engineer hasn’t reported anything as to cutting edge.

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As Apex Legends is allowed to-play, Xbox Series X/S and PS5 ports (on the off chance that they exist) won’t cost you anything to download. Notwithstanding, it merits bringing up that Apex Legends doesn’t uphold cross-movement, and Respawn hasn’t reported any designs to change that.


Ninja Theory hasn’t declared how it plans on supporting Bleeding Edge going into the following console age. Nonetheless, as a Xbox first-party support elite, it’s likely that the game will come to Xbox Series X/S by means of Smart Delivery. Assuming valid, this would likewise likely imply that you won’t need to pay for it once more (however it’s no assurance). With no guarantees, you won’t need to pay for Bleeding Edge at all in case you’re an endorser of Xbox Game Pass. Also, Bleeding Edge underpins both cross-play and cross-movement.

Honorable obligation: Modern Warfare/Warzone

Endlessness Ward has no reported designs to port Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to cutting edge, which bodes well given Treyarch is dispatching a pristine CoD, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, this year, which will be delivered for both Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

All things considered, Call of Duty: Warzone will get cutting edge ports, so you’ll have the option to continue playing the fight royale game on Xbox Series X/S and PS5. Given that the current-gen renditions of Warzone are allowed to-play, it’s conceivable the cutting edge variants will be as well. Combat area as of now offers cross-play and cross-movement.


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