How The Ford F-150 Lightning Can Power Your Home During Outages


Ford F-150 Lightning buyers may be pleasantly surprised to learn that their electric truck can serve as an alternative power source. Although the energy sector in the United States is quite reliable, from time to time there are situations such as rolling power outages and planned outages for maintenance. The F-150 is designed to power homes in the event of a power outage. After power is restored, the truck instantly returns to charging mode if it was charging before the power outage. As electric vehicles try to influence more consumers in the market, such use cases will tip the scales in favor of electric transmissions.

Announced in 2021, the F-150 Lightning will be the first in the F-150 series equipped with a rechargeable battery. Although the F-150 Lightning uses an electric motor instead of a traditional gasoline engine, the body shape has not changed. Even with an electric car, buyers are promised an average view and the ability to tow an F-150 truck. Ford joins the list of automakers offering electric variants of gasoline-powered trucks. Chevrolet recently added an electric Silverado to its fleet, the first ever model. Tesla is expected to release the long-awaited Cybertruck soon, which will give pickup truck enthusiasts more options for electric trucks. The F-150 Lightning faces stiff competition from new models such as the GMC Hummer EV and the Rivian R1T truck.

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One thing that electric cars have been able to achieve lately is to offer driving sensations identical to those of a gasoline car. Electric vehicles are also increasing the volume of services provided by offering advanced driver assistance features, as evidenced by the Tesla Enhanced Autopilot package and the BlueCruise package for the F-150 Lightning. The F-150 Lightning supports an innovative solution called Intelligent Backup Power, which allows a Ford truck to power homes when there is a power outage. To test the Intelligent Backup Power system, drivers need to have two components besides the truck. These include the home integration system and the Ford Pro charging station, which allows the F-150 Lightning to supply power during a power outage.

Backup power for up to 10 days

Ford is partnering with Sunrun, a major solar energy supplier in the United States, to operate the Intelligent Backup Power system. Ford developed the system, and Sunrun employees installed its components, including the Ford Charge Station Pro, a home inverter and a home integration system. Buyers can also access other services, such as solar power installations, which will facilitate the use of alternative energy to charge the F-150 Lightning. The F-150 Lightning is the first Ford vehicle to support this system, using bidirectional energy to convert a pickup truck into a backup generator. The system can supply up to 9.6 kW to the house, which means that households can enjoy uninterrupted power supply for three days. With proper rationing, the truck can provide electricity for up to 10 days.

Ford’s intelligent backup power is not limited to the home, as this technology can be used wherever the Ford Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System duo is installed. The backup system can also be enabled using a smartphone app. Buyers of the F-150 Lightning (extended battery) will receive an intelligent backup system and a Pro charging station for free. However, those who have a Ford F-150 Lightning (a variant with a standard battery) will need to buy a Pro charging station and pay the installation costs.


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