How the FF7 revival can bring back the hidden cut-out FF7 content


In the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the FF7 Remake story is developing in a new direction, which means that some cut-out content from FF7 may appear in the game. FF7 has a lot of cut-out content that has been discovered by fans over the years, or rather, Square Enix didn’t know how to get rid of unnecessary data at that time, since Final Fantasy Tactics, released shortly after FF7, also contained a lot of cut-out content.

The original Japanese version of FF7 was much rougher than the international releases. There were more bugs in it, and content such as diamond, emerald and ruby weapons has not yet been implemented. The Japanese version also contains the most abbreviated content, most of which relates to the early hours of the game. There are a lot of cut-out dialogues in the “Midgar” section of FF7, while the Honey Bee Hotel has been significantly softened, and references to it being a brothel have been removed in the final version. The FF7 remake already had Midgar, so the cut-out content from this FF7 section is no longer relevant in the remake series.

The “FF7 Rebirth” continues from the end of the “INTERmission” DLC for the FF7 Remake, where Cloud and his friends reach the city of Kalm, and the next segment of the story is probably a memory of Kalm from the original. A lot more of FF7’s story can be told in a series of remakes, and developers have a chance to include content that was cut during the frantic development of FF7. These include important knowledge, an abbreviated side quest that may be associated with one of the additional games, and even getting rid of the character from his fate.

Sephiroth’s Explanation of the Origin of Summoning Monsters

Summoning monsters first appeared in FF3, and they were treated differently in each game of the series. In some they are an important part of the plot, while in others they are nothing more than spells with vivid animation. The reason for the existence of the summoned monsters also varies from game to game. FF7 was a game that never offered an explanation for the existence of the summoned monsters, and FF7 fans resorted to creating theories about their origins, for example, the Knights of the Circle were Cetras who had fought with Genova in the past.

It was planned to explain the summoning of monsters, but the developers decided to cut it out. According to The Cutting Room Floor, Sephiroth cut a dialogue from his meeting at the Temple of the Ancients, where he explains the origin of the summoning. Sephiroth explained that in the time of Sethra there were beings who grew up basking in the energy of Mako, which gave them a special connection with the planet. These beings sealed consciousness in Matter, which allowed them to remain in the world forever. Aeris confirms that Sephiroth is talking about summoning, and Sephiroth says they are closer to the planet than she is.

It’s unclear why this conversation was cut from FF7, but there’s a chance it could appear in FF7 Rebirth when the group visits the Temple of the Ancients. In the prompts on the FF7 download screen, Remake has already hinted that this time the calls have more history. The FF7 remake strongly hints that Shiva participated during a battle with Genova in the past and that she used her ice powers to seal Genova. It is quite possible that this tidbit of history hints at a challenge related to the history of the FF7 Remake world, even if it is insignificant.

The Traveling Merchant can finally be included in FF7

In one strange cut-out piece of content in FF7, there was a character who was a traveling salesman. According to The Cutting Room Floor, the player will meet them for the first time in Gongaga, where they will ask Cloud to deliver a letter to his wife in Kalm, the destination of the party after FF7 Remake INTERmission. Later in the game, the player will meet him in Rocket Town, where he will ask Cloud to deliver a letter to his daughter, who also lived in Kalma. The two letters still exist as key elements in the game files, but they don’t specify who the wife and daughter are. The goal of the traveling salesman was to provide the player with Titan Summoning Matter, which could be found in a locked chest in Kalma. This quest was cut out of the game, and instead the Matter of Titan is in the destroyed Gongaga reactor.

The reason why the traveling salesman’s quest can be returned is related to the information that was revealed in Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, a Japanese–exclusive mobile game that acted as a prequel to FF7. In Before Crisis, it was revealed that Kalm was destroyed and rebuilt as part of a cover-up, just like Nibelheim. The traveling salesman may be the way this piece of knowledge is transferred to FF7 Rebirth, as the player tries to deliver letters to characters who died many years ago, but their deaths were hidden.


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