How the Browns Are Reportedly Treating Deshaun Watson after the Latest Allegations


This week, a new plaintiff came forward with more disturbing allegations against Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. So, how does the team feel about the allegations against him?

According to Mary Kay Cabot of The Browns don’t seem to be moved by the latest allegations. According to the report, they “remain interested in Deshaun Watson, despite new civil lawsuits and accusations.”

Cabot also said the Browns are not going to cancel his fully guaranteed $230 million contract or the team’s previous deal with the Texans. The Browns structured the contract with Watson to mitigate any financial risks if “actions take place after his signing or actions that are discovered in advance that will prevent him from fulfilling his duties.”

Finally, Cabot reported that the Browns are not even thinking about terminating Watson’s contract or deal with him. The Browns turned down six draft picks, including three first-round picks to acquire Watson and one sixth-round pick earlier this offseason.

The Cleveland Browns have received a flurry of PR hits since they first introduced Deshaun Watson to the team. It seems they have reached a point where it would be pointless to give up Watson just to save face.

The Browns seem ready for any outcome of Watson’s civil trials and possible punishments that the NFL will impose.

Of course, this is a bold strategy. Let’s see what they get before the NFL season.

Will the Browns support Deshaun Watson to the end?