How the 4th season of “Manifesto” already solves the problem with the timeline


The timeline problem created by the early end of Manifesto has already been solved. Manifest showrunner Jeff Rake stated before NBC canceled the show that he intended to extend it for six seasons. The show was eventually saved by Netflix, but that doesn’t mean it will end according to Rake’s original ideas.

Instead of completing season 6, “Manifesto” will prematurely end with a 20-episode fourth season, which is expected to be broken into parts. When the series returns, he will have many unfinished business, including a conflict with Angelina, Cal’s sudden aging, the mystery of Captain Daly in the third season finale, and the fate of the Lifeboat. Right now, Ben and others believe they need to find a way to keep all the passengers on Flight 828 on the right track to “save the lifeboat” and pass the death date. Presumably, the story will come to an end when passengers finally face the Date of Death on June 2, 2024.

Since the 3rd season of Manifesto took place in 2021, it was thought that the characters had a lot of time left, but an interview with Ben Stone actor Josh Dallas confirmed that this would not happen in the end. Dallas says that the 4th season of “Manifesto” will begin two years after the end of the previous season [via YouTube]. A huge time jump seems like a necessary step, as it solves the question of how the Manifesto can advance to 2024 in one season. Approaching the Death Date with just one huge leap should actually work better than a series forced to deliver numerous, smaller time intervals between episodes that would slow down and disrupt the pace of the story.

The message that passengers would have until 2024 to find a solution to the dilemma about the date of death made sense for the show, given what Rake’s plan was from the very beginning. With six seasons, “Manifesto” would most likely have ended around this time, allowing the stories of the passengers of Flight 828 to develop naturally. But the show going down this path became impossible due to a change in the Rake’s Manifest plan. How the series was going to approach this situation was one of several questions about the future of the show, and now the answer is no longer a secret.

Unfortunately, the solution to the Manifest timeline problem will not be without problems. Looking ahead two years, the series risks missing some long-awaited moments. How the Stones are recovering from Grace’s death, Ben’s reaction to Cal’s shocking return, and Eureka’s reaction to what happened to Captain Daly are all stories that Manifest cannot tell in great detail without intensive use of memories.