How the 13th Season of CBS’ “Blue Bloods” Fixes a Plot Hole That Fans Have Doubted for Years


When Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg’s law-abiding drama “Blue Bloods” returns to CBS’ fall schedule in October, it will have a brand-new “Land of Fire” screensaver with SEAL Team’s Max Thiriot in prime time. This will not be the only thing that will change in a long-running drama with a large number of viewers. No, the Reagan family won’t be hosting weekly IHOP dinners or anything so radical, but fans will see one character take on new work responsibilities in a way that solves a plot problem bigger than Selleck’s mustache in the series.

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) tied the knot in the finale of the 9th season of “Blue Bloods”, and after the 10th season came and went, and none of the characters faced changes on the professional front, some fans began to doubt the reality the fact that the pair works like this. close to each other on the plot. Now, three seasons later, showrunner Kevin Wade has told TVLine that it is Jamie who will change jobs, but without leaving the building. According to Wade:

When Jamie and Eddie got married, it was suggested that although there was no law in the books, the couple was forbidden to work together at the station. But this season they have a new commander (Sergeant McNichols Stephanie Kurtsuba), who, as soon as he sees them, will say: “By the end of the day, one of you will be transferred.”

I am sure that many people may be familiar with the situation when a new boss takes over the job and immediately begins to implement changes, without necessarily analyzing what worked and what didn’t. Given that this is not so much a procedural shift as a personnel issue that contradicts traditional rules, this is not as controversial as other changes that may occur. Plus the fact that the sergeant. McNichols isn’t going to push Jamie out the door—that’s a good sign. Below, the showrunner explains what the creative team’s decision was, saying:

[To] promote Jamie to the field Information officer of this precinct. That means he’s not in uniform, and he’s not at a morning demonstration and all that, but this is a very real job in the NYPD.

While this may be disappointing for fans who enjoy Jamie and Eddie’s dynamic work, and perhaps for the actors themselves, it doesn’t appear to affect their family life in any significant way. And if Jamie takes on new responsibilities at work, it could lead to some interesting storytelling opportunities.

Field information officers are usually responsible for obtaining confidential informants by evaluating suspects and criminals who pass through the precinct, prior to potential processing. Here’s how Kevin Wade explained it:

If [the perpetrator] looks like a likely “treasure chest,” the field information officer sits him down and says: “I think we can probably give you a break on this, depending on what you can give us.” . . [It will be] an interesting piece of diplomacy and solid policing, as well as a fishing expedition.

It looks like Jamie will have to rely on his wits and persuasion skills as much as anything else in season 13 and beyond. There is always a chance that an unsuccessful attempt to convert someone may lead to dangerous criminals seeking retribution, but Eddie will not stop facing dangerous situations.

Having released its 250th episode in early 2022, “Blue Bloods” remains one of the most watched broadcast dramas year after year, a feat that star Donnie Wahlberg celebrated after the season 12 numbers were released. So, all things considered, I can’t imagine that Jamie’s job change would cause enough excitement to change that distinction much.

The premiere of the 13th season of “Blue Blood” will take place on CBS on Friday, October 7, at 22:00 Korean time. ET, with an issue called “Keeping the Faith,” so don’t forget to take a seat at the table. While you’re waiting, check out all the other major fall premieres in our TV program for 2022.


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