How Suri, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, is following in their footsteps…


Suri Cruz is the daughter of two celebrities. Her father, Tom Cruise, is currently receiving box office receipts from his latest blockbuster, “Best Shooter: Maverick.” You may remember his ex-wife Katie Holmes, who starred in Dawson’s Cove, and she also recently started acting. Judging by her unique role in her mother’s directorial project “Together Alone”, it seems that Suri is following in the footsteps of her parents… sort of.

Katie Holmes was supposed to show the “highest level of talent” for her latest film, “Together Alone.” Her 16-year-old daughter (a complete copy of her mom) may not follow in her parents’ footsteps in acting, but she will sing “Blue Moon” during the opening credits. In a video interview on Yahoo! To Entertainment, Holmes talked about why she hired her daughter to sing in her new film.

She’s very, very talented. She said she would do it, and she wrote it down, and I let her do her thing.

The star of “Batman: The Beginning” felt the need to include “Blue Moon” in her film, because she so liked the cover version of the song by Diane Keaton in the romantic comedy “And so it is.” Actress Annie Hall actually met Suri when she was a year old. What a good way to show the public that you’re a Keaton fan.

The romantic film about COVID-19 “Together Alone” is the second directorial work of Katie Holmes after the film “All that We Had” at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2016. Along with Jim Sturgess from the “Universe” in the movie “Together Alone”, two strangers end up staying in the same Airbnb and are forced to stay with each other during the COVID-19 lockdown. She was inspired to direct and write the script for “Alone Together” after an article she wrote in Vogue about how quarantine during the pandemic was a time to strengthen her bond with her own daughter. So it’s not surprising that she felt that her next project wouldn’t be completed unless Suri played some role in it.

As for Suri’s father, Tom Cruise’s long-awaited sequel “The Best Shooter: Maverick” skyrocketed at the box office, breaking the $1 billion mark. This box office hit breaks records in the career of the “Mission Impossible” star, for example, being the number one box office hit for Cruz for five years in a row, as well as his highest-grossing domestic film. The star of action—packed films will also play a major role in another set of sequels of the “Mission Impossible” franchise — “Mission Impossible – Payback for Death, parts one and Two”, which will be released in theaters in the summer of 2023 and 2024. It looks like Tom Cruise’s success can only get better from here.

The talented daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes managed to stay out of sight for most of her childhood. Although Suri has no plans to start a career as a singer yet, she plans to sing again in her mother’s next project Rare Objects, based on the 2016 bestselling historical fiction by Kathleen Tessaro. In addition, Holmes said that Suri is an ordinary 16—year-old high school student.

Although we have no idea which path Suri Cruz will choose, it’s nice to know that she has the guides of two talented parents who help her on her journey. Released in 2022, the film “Together Alone” is already available for viewing on demand.


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